Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1101

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Chapter 1101

Forever and ever, he is blocked!

After hearing these words, Zheng Hao’s palm loosened and the phone instantly fell from his hand to the ground.

But he didn’t seem to notice it, he was as if he had lost his soul, his face pale as paper:

“I am done!”

“How could this happen! How could this happen!”

A trace of fear and despair appeared in Zheng Hao’s eyes.

He is a popular star, a cash cow in the eyes of the boss.

And now…

“Who are you… who are you? Impossible. If it’s just an ordinary person, how can his photos attract the attention of the country, and even make the official micro-blogs of major departments repost it crazy! This is impossible!”

Zheng Hao’s eyes were red, staring at Shaun and Elvira.

It’s not just him.

At this moment, all eyes in the entire shooting hall were focused on Shaun.

Even Elvira just felt like a dream.

“Shaun, how did you do it?”

Elvira turned to look at her husband. She was shocked to find that Shaun was not only an external image at this moment but a mysterious and noble like a prince. His temperament and every move he made seemed like an emperor had come, giving people a richness. A sense of pressure to the extreme.

However, at this moment, Shaun was simply too lazy to look at Zheng Hao.

He turned to Elvira and said:

“Wife, things are done, so I’m leaving!”

That’s it.

Shaun immediately walked back to the locker room under the horrified eyes of everyone. Soon, when Shaun came out again, he had already changed back to that casual outfit.

In particular, he also carried a basket full of vegetables and fruits in his hand, which looked like a family cook.

Everyone had the illusion that they couldn’t connect the houseman and Shaun in front of them with the noble prince just now.

This is like two people.

There is no comparability.

Even Elvira, if she hadn’t seen it with her eyes, she also didn’t believe that Shaun would look like this after putting on a suit.

“Wife, goodbye!”

Shaun smiled slightly, waved his hand to Elvira, and then left.

And when he just left.


The entire shooting hall was completely exploded.

The faces of all the staff are still shocked:

“Oh my god, the chairman changed his clothes. It was like changing the whole person. If I hadn’t seen it with my eyes, I wouldn’t believe this at all!”

“Yes, after putting on the suit, Mr. Lin looked like a noble emperor, after taking off the suit, Mr. Lin looked like a passerby! This change was incredible!”

“Mr. Lin is so noble and so temperamental, why should he dress so ordinary!”


In the shooting hall, the dense voices of discussion came one after another.

And everyone was extremely puzzled by Shaun’s appearance like a passerby in such ordinary clothes.

Even Elvira.

Her pretty face was extremely complicated, and a trace of shame appeared in her eyes as she watched Shaun left:

“Shaun, you are for me, so you are willing to be an ordinary person and dress so ordinary.”

Elvira is not stupid.

According to Shaun’s temperament and the image just now, he was even qualified to be a national husband, but he chose to be so ordinary.

There can be only one explanation for all this, for his own sake, he will conceal his own bright light.

Thinking of this.

Elvira’s love for Shaun grew stronger.

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