Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1102

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Chapter 1102

Just after noon, Shaun took a few packed meals and headed for the Jiangnan First People’s Hospital.

Recently, Baishan and Paula have been taking care of Taigong Shen in the hospital.

As for the food delivery, it was on Shaun.

Along the way.

Shaun heard all passersby discussing in full swing.

And these passers-by talked about “fairy couples” on social platforms!

“Hey… I’ve lived so long, it’s really the first time I saw official Weibo reposting such pictures, and even sent blessings!”

“Yes, but I have to say that the man in the photo is too temperamental. Is he an international model?”


This kind of discussion is dense and continuous, filling every corner of the hospital.

It’s just that everyone doesn’t know.

The protagonist of their heated discussion just passed by them.

“It seems that no one can recognize me!”

Shaun smiled slightly.

What he worries about the most is to be recognized. Once that happens, he will be entangled endlessly. This is the scene he least wants to see.


Shaun came to the door of the advanced nursing ward.

However, before entering, he heard the sound of taunting inside.

“Hahaha… uncle and aunt, cousin Elvira is really amazing, she just ate half of Ye’s Family’s property a few days ago, and now she has found a handsome guy! It’s a double harvest of career and love! Just don’t know, My trash cousin knows, will he be pissed to death?”


When he heard this voice, Shaun was slightly taken aback.

He could hear that this was the voice of Bai Yan, the daughter of the second uncle Erye Shirakawa.

Since Jiang City, Shaun snatched the Bai Family Group from Bai Chen’s hands, he and the Bai Family had reached the point of incompatibility.

But he didn’t expect that Bai Yan would appear here.

This is more than that.

Then, inside the ward, the voices of Jian and Shen Jie were also heard.

“Baishan, Paula, Elvira is indeed a bit too much this time! Anyway, she and Shaun have not divorced yet! How can she take this kind of photo with other men? Moreover, it’s already a big deal, how will anyone behave in the future?”

“Yes, although I cannot understand Shaun, Shen Jie, this time, it is Elvira’s fault!”

Contrary to Shaun’s expectation, Jian and Shen Jie did not laugh at Shaun like Bai Yan, but the words were full of sympathy.

And hearing these words.

Shaun shook his head and let out a laugh, then pushed the door open and walked in.


Seeing Shaun coming in, the expressions of Baishan and Paula were instantly embarrassed.

Obviously, even the couple did not recognize Shaun from the photos. They always thought that Elvira had taken so many ambiguous photos with an international male model.

“Shaun, I’m sorry, I will definitely teach Elvira this when she came back!” Paula’s expression was ugly.

It’s just that I didn’t wait for Shaun to say anything.

Bai Yan in the room burst into laughter:

“Gluck…Shaun, how does it feel to be a cuckold? You should also know? Cousin Elvira found a very temperamental little white guy, thousand times more handsome than you! Even many official Weibo, Are blessing them to be god and goddess!”

Bai Yan looked at Shaun, filled with hatred and mockery.

After all, in her eyes, the loss of her Bai family’s Group was completely caused by this bastard Shaun.

“Hmph! Shaun, wait, Elvira has become a rich woman now, and with such a handsome little white guy, you will be kicked out soon!”

“When the time comes, I see what do you do?”

At this moment, Bai Yan’s mouth crooked with a smile, as if she had seen Elvira kick Shaun off, looking like Shaun was heartbroken.

What surprised Bai Yan and everyone was that Shaun was not at all angry, but shrugged faintly, and said with a smile:

“Is it?”

“Perhaps the little white face you are talking about is me!”

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