Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1103

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Chapter 1103


After hearing these words from Shaun, the atmosphere in the entire ward stagnated slightly.

Whether it was Taigong Shen on the hospital bed, Baishan and Paula, and Bai Yan, the expressions on their faces were all frozen.

“Shaun, you said that little white man, is you?”

Bai Yan looked at Shaun as if looking at a fool.


In her eyes, Shaun seemed crazy.

More than her.

Even Baishan and Paula next, their mouths twitched slightly, and they sighed:

“Shaun, don’t be too angry, don’t worry, we will definitely support you this time!”

“Yeah, Shaun, you have done so much for Elvira and our family. We absolutely don’t allow Elvira to make trouble! Don’t worry!”

At this moment, Baishan and Paula thought that Shaun was mad at Elvira.

And Bai Yan, when she reacted.

She laughed thoroughly:

“Hahahaha… Laughing! Shaun, are you mad at Elvira? You have the face to say that the international supermodel is you! It’s so funny!”

Bai Yan turned on her mobile phone and put the photo of the group photo on the social platform in front of everyone, and then said with a smile:

“Everyone take a look! This international model, in terms of temperament and image, is top-notch! Even those international stars are ashamed!”

“And you? You’re just a family cook! What’s the face, you said that the person in the photo is you! Hahaha…it’s a joke!”

Bai Yan laughed loudly.

This is definitely the funniest joke she has ever heard in her life.

More than her.

Even Taigong Shen, Jian, and Shen Jie, after careful comparison, faintly feel that the two are somewhat similar.

But both the image and the temperament are worlds apart, and there is no way to link the two together.

And just when everyone wanted to comfort Shaun.

Bai Yan’s eyes lit up, and then she smiled and continued:

“I heard that the spokesperson invited by the Bai Group was a traffic star, Zheng Hao! I’m sure that this international supermodel must have been introduced by Zheng Hao to cousin Elvira!”

Zheng Hao!

Hearing the name of this star, Taigong Shen, Baishan, and Paula nod their heads.

Yes, maybe only a star like Zheng Hao can introduce such a temperamental little white guy to Elvira.

Thinking of this.

Everyone looked at Shaun and became more sympathetic.

But they didn’t realize that Shaun’s expression at this moment was extremely weird.

Especially looking at Bai Yan, it was like looking at an idiot.

However, he has not yet waited for an explanation.

There was a knock on the door.


Everyone was stunned, and then Shen Jie hurried to open the door.

However, when the door of the room was just opened, everyone in the ward was stunned to see that a crowd of people carrying cameras was all waiting at the door.

“You are…” Shen Jie was a little confused.

He can see that these people are either news reporters or entertainment reporters.

The cameras with long and short lenses made everyone in the ward look confused.


A middle-aged man heading all quickly replied at this moment:

“I am Zhou Feng, chairman of Huayi Entertainment Group. This time I’m here to meet Mr. Shaun! I also want to invite Mr. Shaun to be an endorsement for us! This is an endorsement contract worth 500 million. For one year!”


The words of this middle-aged man-made everyone in the ward startled.

Especially, when they looked at the middle-aged man carefully, everyone was shocked.

That’s right.

This person is a supergiant in the entertainment industry, who controls Huayi Entertainment and signed with countless top celebrities-Zhou Feng.

And now, he came for Shaun… endorsement?

How is this possible!

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