Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1113

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Chapter 1113

Two fingers blocked Sasaki Ichiro!

This scene is like a fantasy!

Let everyone there burst their scalp!

Bai Hu and others are dumbfounded, is this an illusion?

The rubbish they looked down the most, the ant they thought could be destroyed by a finger, used only two fingers to block Sasaki Ichiro who could not stop by their three-star warriors?

The atmosphere was suffocating.

Almost everyone has a ridiculous thought in their minds: I must be dreaming!

Besides, who else can explain this absurd and bizarre scene?

Every one was eagerly looking forward to it, the eyes looking at Shaun at this time were no longer contemptuous, but infinite longing!

Two fingers can block Sasaki Ichiro. Can this man regain the prestige of the White Tiger Legion and even the entire China?

“You dared to block me? Do you know who I am? I’m a major disciple of the island war god Saito Asuka!”

Sasaki Ichiro’s eyes were full of brutality, staring at Shaun as if staring at a prey:

“Dare to stop me from killing, kid, I want to kill you too!”

Saito Asuka!

This word stirred up thousands of waves!

Everyone suffocated in horror!

Five years ago, there was an island nation’s God of War who set foot in China and slaughtered the strongest men of China, and he was unstoppable.

Huaxia dispatched three great war gods, including the Gods of War Dragon and Tiger, and that person was Saito Asuka.

Saito Asuka once publicly humiliated China: There is no man in China who can defeat him!

The whole country was furious, but there was no one!

It was precise because of his words that angered a mysterious existence that was not born in China, and that existence only used one move to defeat Saito Asuka!

He also ordered that Asuka Saito was not allowed to enter China during his lifetime!

And this Sasaki Ichiro turned out to be Saito Asuka’s major disciple?

For an instant, Bai Hu showed a bitter smile and finally understood why Sasaki Ichiro’s strength had soared so much over the years.

It turned out to have worshipped Saito Asuka and other island nations’ strongest god of war as a teacher, but his two masters combined with another god of war to make a tie.

When everyone heard this, their hearts suddenly sank to the bottom!

That’s it!

Today’s shame is hard to wash away!

Originally there was such a glimmer of hope from Shaun, but after hearing Sasaki Ichiro’s words, he was instantly put out.

“Runaway! You are not his opponent!”

Bai Hu yelled at Shaun. Since the opponent is Saito Asuka’s disciple, no one can beat except his master Gods of War.

Although Shaun is his enemy, he was very grateful for Shaun to save him, and he didn’t want Shaun to die in vain.


Shaun smiled contemptuously: “A coward who has returned to China with a feather, why is he fearful?”


When Sasaki Ichiro heard this, he jumped into a rage: “You dare to insult the God of War of the island country? Insult that god-like existence?”

“You…damn it!”

With that, he suddenly drew his knife, trying to hack Shaun to death.

That’s it!

Seeing Sasaki Ichiro’s anger, everyone sighed in anticipation of Shaun’s end.

Shaun was afraid that he would die tragically under that blade!

But in the next moment, Sasaki Ichiro’s expression changed drastically, because his sword didn’t move at all, and Shaun’s two fingers were like iron tongs, firmly gripping his Tai sword.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get off!

“Saito Asuka’s apprentice, is this your talent?” Shaun shook his head contemptuously:

“I have to say, I am disappointed!”

Then, he slapped him over!


There was a loud noise, and a great head flew to the grass beside it in a parabolic arc!


Everyone’s scalp burst!

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