Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1114

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Chapter 1114


Saito Asuka’s disciple, the terrifying existence that defeated all the generals with one move, was slapped to death by the man in front of them?

A top-level master, died so aggrieved?

Two fingers stopped the sword!

Slap, kill the master!

Sasaki Ichiro defeated the White Tiger with only one move, and Shaun only used one move to kill Sasaki Ichiro!

Like he slaughtered a chicken!

Then, a wry smile suddenly appeared on Xu Jiang’s face. Who would have thought that the existence that they had regarded as an ant just now turned the tide and save the face of the White Tiger Legion and entire China?

Block the stormy waves with his strength!

On the side of the white tiger’s face, a thick complex color also appeared, and his heart was mixed.

Such a cold domineering and reckless posture, he has only seen IT in his master Gods of War.

“Why you saved me?”

Bai Hu stared at Shaun with complicated eyes. He was planning to kill Shaun just now, but in a blink of an eye, Shaun not only saved him but also saved the face of the White Tiger Legion.

Shaun put his hands around his chest, glanced at him faintly, and smiled playfully: “Because you are my disciple!”


Bai Hu suddenly became angry, and the slight favor he had for Shaun just disappeared.

Do you think you can insult me?

Immediately, Bai Hu said in a rage: “Do you know what happens if you insult a Samsung general?”

Even if Shaun has saved him, but insulting a three-star warrior, is like looking for death.

“You don’t believe it? You are really my disciple!” Shaun said with a serious face.

Everyone has a black line on their face…

This is too much, right?

Although you are a hero, you can’t just insult the warrior casually, right? After all, the warlord is the face of the country, and insulting the warlord is tantamount to insulting the country.

Bai Hu jumped into thunder directly, and roared: “Well, since you are looking for death, then I will fulfill your wish! Although I am not your opponent, as long as I report the matter, my master Gods of War will teach you a lesson!”

But right now!

“The Dragon and Tiger are here!”

Gods of War?

Upon hearing this, everyone was immediately stunned!

They have arrived?

What a coincidence?

Bai Hu was taken aback, and then suddenly smiled unkindly:

“Boy, I have to say, your luck is really back to the extreme, my masters are here!”

“So what? They will kneel to me?” Shaun said lightly.

Let Gods of War kneel down for him?

Is this kid crazy?

“Well, I hope you can be so proud in a while!” Bai Hu snorted.

In a while, a group of people walked quickly from outside, and the two mighty middle-aged walked in strides, exuding a repressive domineering gesture.

Dragon Commander!

Tiger Commander!

“Meet the Dragon and Tiger, Gods of War!”

Bai Hu and the others knelt quickly, with endless respect appearing on their faces.

However, after everyone knelt down, they found that there was still one person standing upright, unmoved!



They were annoyed, and they didn’t feel sorry for not kneeling when they saw handsome!

At this time, the two Gods of War, Dragon, and Tiger, also looked at Shaun.

But after seeing him, the two dragons and tiger got shocked.

Bai Hu immediately added fuel to the fire:

“Masters, this person just said bad things about you both!”

Sure enough, upon hearing this, the warriors behind him were completely angry!

Just now they noticed Shaun, who stands out in the crowd. It’s all about seeing the two Gods of War not kneeling. How dare they let the Gods of War kneel?

Damn it!

But at this moment, the two Gods of War, Blood Dragon and Blood Tiger, their faces sank, and at the same time, they strode towards Shaun.

Upon seeing this, everyone there sneered and cast a look at Shaun.


At this moment, a suffocating scene blatantly fell in everyone’s eyes!



In their eyes, the two Gods of War, who looked like invincible Gods of War, suddenly knelt down in front of Shaun:

“Blood Dragon sees king!”

“Blood Tiger sees king!”

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