Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1115

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Chapter 1115

“Blood dragon and blood tiger see the king!”

When the words of both generals sounded…

The faces of all the people there changed with horror!

Their eyes, split!


Did they get it wrong? Gods of War call that fellow their king?

Everyone’s brains have lost their ability to function, and stormy waves are thrown in their hearts, and their eyes are dull looking at the gods of war who are kneeling on the ground!

War gods, who have a great master-level existence, who are the gods in the hearts of thousands of soldiers, they knelt!

“It’s impossible! Masters, you must have made a mistake, this guy is a waste, how could he be a king?”

Bai Hu roared in disbelief.

Unexpectedly, when the voice fell.

“Shut up!”

Both war gods roared together, and at the same time looked at the white tiger coldly: “How you dared to insult our king? Without the cultivation of the king, there would be non of us!”


Everyone was once again dumbfounded. Just now they thought that Shaun was insulting Bai Hu by saying that Bai Hu was his disciple. Unexpectedly, what he said was true!

Dragon and Tiger were cultivated by this man.

“Impossible! This is impossible! Why is he?”

The white tiger yelled frantically, unable to believe that his two masters of war were cultivated by a yellow-haired kid.

“Why?” The blood dragon suddenly shouted:

“Only he can kill the three war gods with just one hand!”

“He is known as the Chinese Dragon’s Back!”

“He is the famous Chinese forest seat!”

China Forest Block!

These words completely burst the atmosphere of the audience!

All understood.

It turns out that he is the famous Shan Lin in China!

A legend among legends!

The supreme king!


Everyone smiled bitterly one after another. With the four characters “Hua Xia Shan Lin”, Gods of War must kneel!

“Hua Xia Shan Lin, how could he be a Hua Xia Shan Lin, it’s impossible…it’s impossible…”

Bai Hu also lost his soul, and his eyes filled with disbelief.

At this time, the blood dragon snorted coldly and yelled:

“Now, you tell me, who he can be???”


Bai Hu suddenly knelt in front of Shaun, with a deep fear on his face: “Shan Lin, I was wrong!”

Even his two masters were cultivated by him.

Then what is he in the eyes of Shaun?

“Insulted my king, you deserve to die!”

The blood tiger had a fierce temper, and immediately raised his big hand, with the majestic vigor, he wants to slap the white tiger to death.

Bai Hu did not dare to resist, gritted his teeth, and closed his eyes, waiting to die.

“Little tiger, enough.”

But at this time, Shaun casually yelled: “He is your apprentice anyway, do you intend to kill him?”

“For the king, I can slaughter him.” The blood tiger snorted coldly. Although he didn’t give up, the white tiger committed a capital crime and insulted the king of the blood prison. This is the most serious crime in the blood law.

“Okay, this person shouldn’t be killed, I need him.” Shaun walked slowly.

The blood tiger gave up, but still snorted coldly: “My king is kind, don’t you want to say thanks to him?”

Bai Hu didn’t expect that Shaun would forgive him, and he was even more grateful and guilty, and apologize to Shaun:

“Thank you my king for not killing me!”

“No thanks. I don’t want to kill you, but I have one condition.” Shaun stood in front of Bai Hu, looking at him condescendingly:

“I want you to hand over the position of the heir of the Bai family!”

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