Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1116

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Chapter 1116

At the same time, Elvira and Bai Yan have also arrived at the White Tiger Army area.

“Cousin, we have to go faster, or your brother-in-law may be shot. Oh no, maybe he is dead now.”

Bai Yan irritated Elvira unkindly, her face could not hide the gloating smile.

“Bai Yan, Shaun is your brother-in-law anyway, no matter how you insult him, he has forgiven you all the time, but now you are gloating with gratitude, are you still a human?”

Elvira roared hysterically, but her pace could not help speeding up, and her eyes were completely wet with tears.

Shaun, don’t die!

For me, please don’t die!

I will take you home soon!


Bai Yan smiled contemptuously, just the wine pouch and rice bag, also worthy of being her brother-in-law?

Moreover, if Shaun had taken care of his business, their family would have ruled the Bai family in Jiangshi long ago. It would be more than deadly for that bastard to ruin their family!

Now, she longed for Shaun to die tragically in Bai Hu’s hands, and then Bai Hu took away all of Elviva’s property.

Although she could not get anything, Bai Yan was delighted to see them unlucky.

“Wait Elvira, something interesting will happen soon.”

Bai Yan smiled viciously because she had known for a long time that even if Elvira handed over all of her assets, Bai Hu would never let Shaun go.

Because Shaun killed the three groups of White Angels, this is tantamount to beating Bai Hu in the face. Can Bai Hu let him go?

The reason why Bai Yan was deliberately bringing Elvira here was not to save Shaun, but to make her look at her man die in front of her eyes!

“Stop! Who dares to break into White Tiger Legion area?”

At this time, a one-star warlord happened to turn into jade silk because of Shaun and the White Tiger Legion, and he was out to buy wine to make a happy conversation but saw two women.

Seeing the medal on their shoulders, the two women suddenly realized the identity of the other party and couldn’t help being in awe.

Then Bai Yan began to gloat again: “Cousin, you are too unlucky. Now a star warlord is blocking the way. I’m afraid we can’t get in. How can you save your husband?”

“It’s over, Shaun is definitely going to die, haha!”

Elvira hurriedly stepped forward and said with a crying voice: “Hello, I am Elvira from the New Bai Group. I’m here to meet the White Tiger general. Could you please let me in?”


Bai Yan curled her lips contemptuously, thinking that the other party would allow them when she confessed her identity?

You are a little president of the New Bai Group, can you get into the eyes of others?

In an instant, an incredible scene appeared for Bai Yan.

After listening to Elvira’s words, the one-star warlord freaked out as if he had seen a ghost. He looked like a mouse saw a cat and quickly stood up and saluted:

“Hello, Madam! Please move on!”


They both were stunned.


what’s the situation?

This is China’s one-star warlord character, located in Jiangnan Province, he can also be regarded as a master-level existence.

And now, how respectful he was to Elvira?

But at this time, Elvira was eager to save her husband and had no time to take care of this, and quickly walked into the legion.

At this time, Bai Yan felt a very uneasy feeling in her heart for some unknown reason.

Soon, they entered the White Tiger Legion, and then they saw a thin figure, besieged in the center by a group of soldiers, like sheep entering a wolf pack.

Especially, when they saw Hu Shuai and Long Shuai, Elvira and Bai Yan trembled, their legs softened involuntarily!

Gods of War!

Huaxia’s well-known Gods of War, the master of White Tiger, are they going to be against Shaun?

That’s it!

Shaun is completely over!

At this moment, Bai Yan’s presumptuous laughter sounded again:

“Hahaha, even the Dragon and Tiger Gods of War are here, cousin, it seems that your husband is a god and it’s hard to save him!”

And Elvira’s face also showed deep despair, especially when she saw the dragon and tiger war god reprimanding Shaun with a gloomy look, she suddenly felt black and fainted on the spot.

In fact, Gods of War were reprimanding Bai Hu, but in their view, they were reprimanding Shaun.

Elvira stumbled and rushed over, and then suddenly knelt down in front of Bai Hu, crying and begging:

“General Bai Hu, I am willing to hand over all my assets, please let Shaun go!”

The voice just fell…

There was dead silence in the audience!

The entire White Tiger Legion can hear the sound of needle fall, and the atmosphere is extremely suppressed.

Everyone, including Gods of War, now only feels horrified and scared to death on the spot!

Let Mrs. Shan Lin hand over the assets?

Is this so crazy?

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