Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1117

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Chapter 1117


Bai Hu was scared to pee on the spot, and he couldn’t say a word for a long time, especially when he saw the angry eyes of his two masters, he went crazy!

How dare I want your assets?

Bai Hu’s heart of death was all there, and it was hard to let the Gods of War calm down, but because Elvira kneeled, the Gods of War’s anger was once again to the extreme.

Today, this army stick is afraid that it will be settled!

“Wife, it’s okay, get up quickly.”

Seeing Elvira’s heart-piercing appearance, Shaun also felt distressed and hurried up to help.

Elvira grabbed Shaun’s hand and shook his head in horror: “Shaun, you should kneel down with me and apologize to Battle Commander Bai Hu. We don’t need anything, we will give him everything!”

“I only want you, I only want you to live!”

Elvira was crying.


Shaun hugged her quickly, stroking her back, and comfortingly said: “Don’t worry, they dare not let me kneel.”

Dare not?

Upon hearing this, Bai Yan suddenly sneered, looking at Shaun like an idiot.

“Shaun, Gods of War are here, you rubbish even dare to speak out, you are reckless!”

Bai Yan’s eyes are full of resentment and meanness: “Warlord White Tiger, Gods of War, this trash dare to be disrespectful to you, you should hurry up and kill him. This matter has nothing to do with our Bai family. Don’t be angry with us.”


Kill him?

Bai Hu and war gods, their eyes suddenly filled with anger when they heard this!

Dare to insult Shan Lin, is she looking for death!

However, Bai Yan, an idiot, didn’t notice the change in the atmosphere at all and seeing the hideous faces of the three of them, subconsciously thought they were going to do something to Shaun.

In her heart, she is happy and crazy!

Die, die, damn trash, hurry up!

At this time, Elvira was also completely angry, crying and punching Shaun in the chest with pink boxing: “When is it all, you still want to die? Shaun, I beg you, just bow your head!”

“Just do it for me, can you?”

She didn’t want to watch Shaun die, that way, she would go crazy!

“I just came to bow my head? Is it still useful?”

Bai Yan snorted, didn’t you see that the three of them are already furious? This kid is dead!

After that, Bai Yan stepped forward and said inviting credit: “Battle General Bai Hu, I asked Elvira to surrender all her assets, be careful, and accept it!”


Bai Hu immediately exploded his hair, gritted his teeth, and said, “You asked her to give me the assets?”

“Yes, this dog dare to offend the White Tiger. Even if it is cheaper for you to hand over their assets, they should be executed on the spot in my opinion!” Bai Yan said smugly, waiting for the praise of the White Tiger.

Just, waiting for her…

It was a slap!

Bai Hu’s slapped Bai Yan’s face fiercely, causing her to fall to the ground on the spot, and her face suddenly became bloody.

“Battle General Bai Hu, you…why did you beat me?” Bai Yan looked at General Bai Hu with aggrieved horror.

He must praise her for doing well?

“Hit? I can’t wait to kill you!”

The white tiger’s eyes are splitting, and he is full of temper!

It turned out that it was all the ghost of this woman!

He pitted her hard!

As a result, he, who was already okay, had to be beaten by a stick again!

Insulted Shan Lin, again and again, insulting his master’s master!


Bai Yan was stunned, Bai Hu wanted to kill her? This is why she has never offended Bai Hu!

But the next scene made her completely desperate!

Bai Hu came to Elvira in a hurry and knelt with a puff, and said in a trembled voice:

“Madam, I dare not claim your assets!”

Bai Hu knelt down!

Seeing Elvira and Bai Yan here, his brain suddenly went blank!

impossible! Is this fake?

General Bai Hu kneeled to Elvira and called her name respectfully.

What exactly is going on?

However, this does not stop.

The war gods also gave a wry smile: “Letting Mr. Lin kneel to us, isn’t Madam betraying us?”

“So, why not let us kneel down!”

Follow closely…



Hu Shuai and Long Shuai, kneel down together!


Bai Yan’s head burst suddenly, and her eyes split apart!

No, this is not right!

Bai Yan went crazy, they are the dignified Chinese Gods of War, and this existence is worshipped by the army, now they knelt in front of Elvira, respectfully!

The shocking scene in front of her made Bai Yan tremble like chaff, which was unacceptable.

According to her expectation, Gods of War should have killed Shaun on the spot, and Elvira must have become a widow, but now the two existences that she only deserves to look up to, are kneeling in front of Elvira.

At this moment, Bai Yan seemed to be drained of all strength, limp to the ground feebly, with a deep unwillingness and despair on her face.

Why is it so?

What qualifications does Elvira have to make the Gods of War kneel down?

Then, she woke up suddenly and looked at Shaun, who was still smiling calmly, in horror.

Could it be him?

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