Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1120

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Chapter 1120

Seeing Paula and Baishan, Erye Shirakawa, and the others were also slightly taken aback, but after a while, there were thick sneer and mocking smiles on their faces:

“Yeah! The third brother, you are here too! Why? Why don’t you both went with Elvira to help Shaun redeem?”

At the corner of Erye Shirakawa’s mouth, the smile was extremely bright.

Looking at Baishan and Paula, it was as if they were watching a joke.

And hearing this.

The expressions of Baishan and Paula became even more ugly:

“Second brother, what are you doing here in The New Bai Group?”

Baishan was angry and annoyed.

It was not Shirakawa and others at the beginning, how could Shaun offend the Jiangnan Bai family, but now that Shaun is in trouble, Erye Shirakawa and others dare to come and laugh, this is simply deceiving.


At this moment, Shirakawa’s smile became more and more intense, and that face was full of thick madness and viciousness:

“What are you doing here? Of course, I’m here to help the Jiangnan Bai family collect the properties of the New Bai Group!”

“Master Bai Chen has already said, let us comfort you! After a while, Jiangnan Bai’s family will send a new order here!”


Shirakawa’s words changed the expressions of everyone.

Baishan and others did not expect that Elvira and Shaun had no news yet, and the Jiangnan Bai family could not wait to come and collect the property of the New Bai Group.

This order was given by Bai Chen, which referred to the will of the Jiangnan Bai family.

“Master Bai Chen is trying to kill our family?” The corners of Baishan’s mouth became more bitter and desperate.

Before in Jiang City, Shaun had offended Bai Chen the most ruthless person.

Bai Chen has become the third heir to the Jiangnan Bai family, this time it must be crazy revenge.

Shirakawa smiled brightly:

“That’s right! The third brother, you just confessed your fate! Who made your trash son-in-law offend Master Bai Chen!”

“Although Young Master Bai Chen has said that we must be here to comfort you, this comfort is self-evident! Hahaha…”

Shirakawa laughed more and more frantically.

Before coming to the New Bai Group.

Bai Chen called to them to comfort Baishan and Paula.

But in Shirakawa’s ears, the so-called “comfort” is frantic revenge, nothing more.

Hearing this.

Zheng Hao’s face on the side was full of joy.

He hurriedly went to Shirakawa and the others, and said respectfully:

“Mr. Shirakawa, I’m Zheng Hao! Just now, Baishan and Paula were leaving, so I have stopped them!”


Shirakawa and the others were taken aback, but when they recognized Zheng Hao, the smiles on their faces became more intense:

“Hahaha…Mr. Zheng, you had done the right thing! I will tell this to Master Bai Chen! He must be inexplicably grateful to you!”

Shirakawa’s words were extremely polite.

But when these words fell in Zheng Hao’s ears made him even more ecstatic to the extreme.

“Thank you, Mr. Erye Shirakawa! I wonder, after Shaun’s death, can Master Bai Chen help me lift the ban on me in the entertainment industry?” Zheng Hao looked forward to it.

After all, Bai Chen is one of the heirs of the Bai family.

His words are full of weight, and even the boss behind him is estimated to give him three points.

“Good talk! Good talk!”

Shirakawa agreed.

Then, his gaze turned, he looks at Baishan and his wife, his eyes flashed with a thick and ruthless color:

“Come here! Get Baishan and Paula up, wait for the arrival of Bai Hu and Young Master Baichen, and they will send them off by themselves!”


When these words fell.

Suddenly, from behind Shirakawa, a group of Baijia guards sprang out.

These people were fierce and vicious, one by one like a hungry wolf rushed for food, they surrounded Baishan and Paula.

Seeing this scene.

Zheng Hao got so excited:

“Hey, Shaun, have you seen it? You’re done, your father-in-law and your wife are all done!”

“Careful, really fun!”

Zheng Hao only felt the resentment in his heart, all pouring out, ecstatic.

Just at this moment.

An icy voice suddenly came out from the corridor:

“You guys, are you looking for death?”

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