Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1129

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Chapter 1129


Everyone suddenly woke up like a dream, and cast resentful glances at Shaun!

The shock in that heart instantly transformed into endless anger!

This bastard, fooled them?

How could a trash son-in-law be the King of the Blood Prison?

This guy dared to pretend to be the king of the blood prison, he’s damned!

At this time, knowing that Shaun is not the king of the blood prison, Elvira’s heart can be described as a mixed bag, both fortunate and a little lost.

But Ye Shihao still frowned, and thought: No! That’s not fake!

Because he was so close, and he has seen the tattoo very clearly. It was lifelike, extremely gorgeous, and eccentric. Every inch of it revealed a violent aesthetic. It was clearly made by Dilius, the world’s number one tattoo artist!

Thinking of being frightened by a trash son-in-law, Situ Hongrui suddenly became angry, with murderous intent on his face:

“You dare to pretend to be the god in my heart, you…damn it!”

The King of Blood Prison is his belief!

His ultimate dream is to become the King of Darkness like the King of Blood Prison!

And Shaun is also worthy to impersonate the King of Blood Prison?

This is simply tarnishing the prestige of the demon king, he can’t wait to cut Shaun thousands of times!

Immediately, he strode forward, planning to kill Shaun on the spot!

Seeing him coming, Elvira cried on the spot, and quickly shouted to Shaun:

“Shaun, we can’t afford to provoke them, you should kneel down and apologize! Say you didn’t mean it!”

She also didn’t expect Shaun to be so courageous that he dared to pretend to be the King of the Blood Prison. That was the belief in the dark world. If his followers knew this, Shaun would be dead.

Upon seeing this, Huang Fuxuan suddenly smiled grimly, ecstatic to the extreme, looking forward to the scene where Shaun was maimed by Situ Hongrui.

“Situ Hongrui, if you dare to hurt him, I will never forgive you in my life!”

At this moment, Sima Yan’er cried bitterly and screamed at her brother.


Everyone was in an uproar again, and all incredibly looked at Sima Yan’er.

They couldn’t believe that the daughter of the Situ family would beg to save trash, and the pitiful and nervous appearance seemed to care about Shaun very much.

She is interested in this waste?

Seeing this, Elvira felt more and more sure that this was her rival, who is in love.

She suddenly felt annoyed and guilty, and was annoyed by her incompetence, so that her own man wanted someone else’s woman to protect it!

Hearing his sister’s cry, Situ Hongrui hesitated and sneered after all:

“You can only rely on a woman to protect you, now kneel! Then take your b!tch and get out!”


Shaun suddenly wiped a scarlet red in his eyes, but everyone did not notice that the totem of the Demon God hidden in his clothes was completely bloodshot because of his killing intent and became blood red, just like the revival of the Demon God!

“You, this is the third person who insulted me!”

Shaun stared straight at Situ Hongrui, the killing intent in his heart was already extremely mad:

“I think you were Sima Yan’er’s elder brother, kneel and apologize three times, I will spare your life!”


The audience is extremely Silent!

Everyone was shocked, this is the first time they have seen this way of looking for death!

This trash son-in-law angered the Situ family, but now he dares to threaten him to kneel?

Is this too long?

“Shaun, stop talking! I’m fine!”

Elvira gritted her teeth and shook her head vigorously. Although she was crying badly, as long as Shaun can live, what can she be wronged?

“Shaun, just bow your head, I beg you!”

Sima Yan’er cried bitterly. She was extremely nervous at this time. She knew that with her brother’s character, He would kill.

Situ Hongrui, who was already furious, was completely mad after hearing Shaun’s words:

“Well, since you are looking for death, then I will fulfill your wish!”

The voice fell, and Shaun slashed straight out!

“Dare to make trouble in the blood, do you want to die?”

An extremely icy voice suddenly made everyone there without their souls!

Everyone followed their prestige together, and when they saw the face of the opposite party, they were completely devastated, and all fell to the ground in fright!

“See Blood Lord!”

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