Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1134

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Chapter 1134

In their opinion, Shaun absolutely can’t afford this Seablue Heart, so asking prices like this is just trying to make trouble.

But this is also invisible, raising their budgets. Originally, they thought they could win this sea blue heart within tens of billions, but now because of Shaun, they need billions more!

both of them showed murderous intent, gritted their teeth, and at this time they all wished to smash Shaun into pieces!

However, Shaun glanced at them indifferently:

“Either bid or get out!”


The audience was shocked, everyone looked at Shaun incredible.

Too arrogant!

This guy didn’t understand his situation at all!

After provoking the two elders and the aloof Blood Lord, this guy has no self-knowledge, on the contrary, he has become more and more invincible.

This is a shame!

In an instant, everyone sneered, and there was a strange expression in their eyes as if they were looking at a dead person!

Situ Hongrui was furious and was about to teach him a lesson.

But at this time, Huangfuxuan stopped him and smiled unkindly:

“Don’t worry, I want to see how he puts out 10 billion!”

Hearing that, everyone showed weird smiles. At this time, they both stopped bidding, and Shaun had to photograph this Seablue Heart with 10 billion.

If he can’t get the money, Xue Tubing will cut it off!

There was a rich man who took the auction before but refused to admit it. As a result, a dozen people in his family were found the next day, and all of them died under the knife.

Shaun is over, and the Bai family will be unlucky!

At this time, Elvira also had deep despair on her face. She had already started calling, ready to sell all of her properties, and paid for Shaun’s arrogance.

Seeing this, everyone sympathized with Elvira more and more, but such a good woman found a waste that would only drag her down.

Situ Hongrui smiled contemptuously as if he could have predicted Shaun’s end!

At this time, the bloody staff member walked toward Shaun quickly and asked politely:

“Sir, how do you pay?”

Seeing it!

The ironic smiles at the corners of the mouths of everyone there suddenly intense to the extreme!

Pretend to be?

Now it’s up to you how to install it!

If you let Xue Tufang know that you have no money, your body will float in the moat tonight!

At this time, Huangfuxuan’s eyes suddenly glowed with deep ecstasy, and the whole person was crazy!


This guy is finally dying!

Dare to offend him, so this is the end!

Everyone gloated at Shaun, looking forward to the scene of him kneeling and begging for mercy.

But, the next scene…

Let everyone there be petrified!

They saw Shaun spread his hands helplessly, and said casually:

“I have no money!”

These words like thunder burst into the entire auction floor!

The entire auction site suddenly seemed deadly silent, and everyone was shocked, wondering if they had heard it wrong.

Admitted it?

He straightforwardly admitted it!

This is simply, begging to die!

The head of the staff suddenly looked cold:

“Sir, are you kidding me?”

No one has ever dared to rely on their bloody accounts unless the other party wants to die!

“I have no money!”

But Shaun still stuck to his statement, not caring at all.

“Then pay for it!”

Huangfuxuan said viciously:

“Guardian Liu, this kid is just a trash son-in-law, a little white face who depends on women to support him, how can there be 10 billion? He is deliberately making trouble!”

Making trouble?

Guanshi Liu’s expression turned gloomy in an instant, and a thick murderous intent suddenly appeared in his words:

“Either bring 10 billion today, or you will die in the blood!”

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