Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1152

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Chapter 1152

The mad god of blood prison cannot accept that others betray the dark emperor, because that is his belief, the god in his heart, and the existence he swore to be loyal to!

In the blood prison, people often ridicule the mad god of the blood prison, saying that even if the emperor asked him to kill his parents, he will not hesitate!

When he learned that someone was pretending to be the king of the blood prison, he came to the south of the Yangtze River to obliterate him. He will kill all the people in the world who dared to insult his king!

At this time, the mad god of blood prison recalls the scene where he and the dark emperor first met five years ago.

At that time, he was just a small farmer. His wife, children, and his parents were all murdered by the notorious warlord’s “black crime”, and he was unable to avenge him!

So he took a gun and was about to shoot himself!

But at this moment, a man knocked on the door of his room. He came from in the night, like a messenger of darkness, and said to him in a solemn and gloomy tone like a death knell in hell:

“Are you willing to make a deal with the devil?”

The answer is yes!

Because he made a deal with that devil-like man, it only took him a year to transform from a peasant into a bloodthirsty demon, and slaughtered all the Black Crime Legion!

Take revenge for his family!

And in the end, even forced out the black hand behind the underworld legion, a large Western consortium!

The opponent sent eight berserkers with strength comparable to the Grand Master to retaliate and severely injured the blood prison, mad god!

But when he was about to die, he saw that man, fighting against the Eight Berserkers with his power, and it only took ten minutes…

Took off all their heads!

That scene is still severely imprinted in his mind, lingering!

From that day on, he vowed to remove all obstacles and kill all enemies for the man in front of him!

Die… don’t hesitate!

From that day on, he abandoned his name and got a frightening title…

Blood Prison Mad God!

If there was no dark emperor, he would still be the cowardly and humble ant.

It was that man who gave him a new life!

Let him avenge his wife and children!

He is more important to him than his own life!

Therefore, in his case, everyone who dared to betray him and insult him must die!

“You are supporting the counterfeit, that means you are traitors!”

At this time, the mad god of blood prison had completely lost his mind and did not believe what the Gods of War said.

It was determined that they had betrayed the King of Blood Prison!


The blood prison mad god screamed, his whole body soared in an instant, and the dragon and tiger war gods and others blasted out.

At the same time, his huge body shattered the earth and rushed away directly at Shaun!

“Brother mad god, don’t!”

“Master Mad God, stop!”

The expressions of Dragon and Tiger War Gods and others changed drastically, but it was too late to stop him.

Seeing it!

The blood prison mad god had arrived behind Shaun, and at the same time he fisted and blasted out at the chair as if he was planning to bring a chair together and kill him at once!

As for the three major Chinese Gods of War, a thick sneer appeared on their faces.

That arrogant kid is dead!

But the next moment…


Along with a loud noise, under the horrified eyes of everyone, and the embarrassing figure suddenly flew out and hit the ground heavily!

On the spot, vomit blood!

And the person who was blasted off turned out to be the mad god of blood prison!

And it was a blow!

Seeing this, the smile on the faces of the Three Great War Gods completely solidified, and then they screamed all together:

“How is this possible!”

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