Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1153

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Chapter 1153

The three war gods are highly respected in China and have a long-standing reputation in the military department. But at this time, these three war gods are like nothing, and they are extremely Gaffey collectively!

No one can imagine, how shocked they are now!

Because the blood prison mad god is the proud disciple of the dark emperor, the only one who has practiced martial arts with the dark emperor.

After being trained by the strongest man in the world…

The horror of its strength is unimaginable!

And this kind of existence, even Shaun’s didn’t even touch him, he was blown out by life, coughing up blood on the ground?

Even more frightening was that they hadn’t seen how Shaun made the move.


This must be an illusion!

The three great war gods were about to split their eyes, and their cheeks were filled with endless fear and horror, and they felt that they have about to have a heart attack.

Fast heartbeat and shortness of breath.

The blood prison mad god was completely defeated by the opponent’s move.

At this time, they couldn’t believe their eyes!

Upon seeing this, a wry smile appeared on the faces of Dragon and Tige War Gods and others, as if they had expected this situation a long time ago.

Everything about the bloody mad god was given by the dark emperor.

Does he want to be an enemy of the Dark Emperor?

It’s a dead-end!


The blood prison mad god is also completely dumbfounded!

His face was full of disbelief as if he couldn’t believe that he would fail this easily.

Then, he looked at Shaun with horror, his voice trembled uncontrollably:

“Devil Kill Fist, how do you know Devil Kill Fist!”

He was shaking all over and he has gone crazy!

The moment he attacks against the opponent, he knew that the opponent has used it, and it turned out to be the Demon Slaying Fist taught by the Dark Emperor.

And opponent’s power was a hundred times higher than his.

It’s like the other party is the creator of Moshaquan!

Therefore, at this time, he began to shake, his eyes fixed on the boss chair, and a stormy sea was already in his heart.


At this moment, the boss chair turned.

Shaun slowly turned around, propped his cheeks with his hands, leaned on the chair, and looked at the bloody mad god with interest:

“Sakob, you want to kill me?”


The blood prison mad god suddenly breathed in cold air, his eyes were full of shock, his face was incredulous.

In the next instant, he suddenly leaped towards Shaun.


Kneel down brazenly!

It was like a huge mountain smashed down, causing the entire conference room to shake.

At this time, the eyes of the mad god of blood prison were already filled with tears, and his whole body was shaking with excitement:

“Mr. Lin, is it you? Is it really you? I’m not dreaming, am I?”

Shaun had been away from the blood prison for many years, and even the mad god of blood prison hadn’t seen him for a long time, and now that the reunion is no longer able to control the excitement in his heart.

Wrong, I was so wrong!

It turns out that Mr. Lin is here in China!

And I dared to attack him, it is a crime worthy of death!

After seeing the mad god of blood prison kneeling, the three great gods suddenly felt their scalps numb, the man in front of them was really the king of blood prison.

They only felt that their hearts were trembling, and they were suffocating!

Especially, when they saw Shaun’s true face, the three of them were suddenly stunned. The shocking scene of a man carrying a banner on his shoulder, standing proudly on the wall, and one person retreating a hundred thousand army. .

Immediately, the cheeks of the three great war gods completely lost their blood color, and they stared at Shaun and said:

“You are, Huaxia Shan Lin!”

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