Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1168

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Chapter 1168


I must have heard it wrong!

I am the best student under Mr. Mike!

He has said more than once that the future self will inherit his mantle, why would he expel him?

This must not be true!

Not only him, but Yanzishan and the others stand upright at this moment, with a look of panic and disbelief.

You know, Johnny is the youngest doctor from the Mayo Clinic. He has won 18 awards and has a bright future. He is hailed as Mike’s successor.

And now…

Got fired?

Everyone looked at Shaun with a ghostly look.

This guy just said that this is his hospital, Dean Mike treated him respectfully as soon as he came, and even expelled his student for him…

Is it possible that he is really the legendary Mr. Lin?

Thinking of this, the audience was shocked!

Everyone’s heart is full of deep anxiety and fear!

But at this moment, Mike ignored the shock of everyone and suddenly stared at Yanzishan:

“Yanzishan, you dare to seek to seize the property of our hospital and beat our patients. From now on, the Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital officially announced that it will dissolve cooperation with your Nantian Group!”

“At the same time, we will also expose your Nantian Group’s evil deeds today to the world, and ask the industry peers to de-friend your Nantian Group…


As soon as this remark came out like a thunderstorm made Yanzishan paralyzed on the spot!

How could this be!

On Yanzishan’s face, thick consternation and panic suddenly appeared, and at this time he fainted.

Because this time he was here in Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital to seek cooperation, it was the intention of the Nalan family, and the Nalan family was eager to reach a cooperation with that legendary genius doctor Lin.

Even after the death order was issued, he had to win the cooperation intention of the genius doctor Lin at all costs.

But as soon as he came, he completely offended the confidant of Lin’s doctor, leading to a complete failure of bilateral cooperation.

If Nalan family came to know about this, how will they react?

He is completely over!

“Impossible! This trash, how could he be Mr. Lin! This, you must be mistaken!”

Yanzishan roared hysterically and was going crazy.

He stared at Shaun, his eyes filled with incredible shock.

Mike looked at Shaun immediately but saw Shaun cast a look at him.


Mike reacted and snorted coldly:

“Who told you that he is Mr. Lin?”

Is he not Mr. Lin?

Everyone was in an uproar!

Since he is not Mr. Lin, why did Mike and others bowed and salute this poor ghost so respectfully?

“He is not Mr. Lin, but Miss Elvira’s husband, Mr. Shaun!”

Mike said lightly.


Everyone got stunned, and then quickly reacted.

This guy is not Mr. Lin at all, but Miss Elvira’s well-known rubbish husband, and now he uses his wife’s name to show off his power.

Dean Mike is afraid that it is because of Miss Elvira’s face that he will be so respectful of this waste.

When this statement came out!

Yanzishan breathed a sigh of relief immediately, as long as it wasn’t Mr. Lin who offended him, then there is still room for maneuver in cooperation!

Then, he glared at Shaun fiercely. This rubbish who ate soft food was so shameless that he dared to say that the hospital belongs to him.

What’s more, using his wife’s name, he faked his power in the hospital!

“Hand over the Rejuvenation Pill, then get out!”

Mike scolded Yanzishan directly.

Yanzishan’s face was pale and only felt the shame to the extreme.

But he didn’t dare to attack Mike. Instead, he put down the Rejuvenation Pill and looked at Shaun with bitterness:

“Lin, I’ve accepted it today, if you dare to disrupt the cooperation between the Nalan family and the genius doctor Lin, I’m telling you…”

“You will die!”

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