Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1172

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Chapter 1172

Shaun’s words, Baishan and Paula only regarded as comfort.

Now that the Bai family has been favored by that mysterious big man, how could they will kneel to them?

“Okay, Shaun, you should pack your things quickly!”

At this moment, Elvira walked in, but when she learned what had happened, she also got angry.

She wants to find Mr. Bai for the explanation!

“Don’t worry, wife, I have already arranged about it!”

Shaun said with a smile.


The Baishan family looked at each other and didn’t even understand what this meant.

As soon as Shaun’s voice fell, a loud roar of cars came from outside the door abruptly.

The family of three shocked inexplicably!

When they walked out the door, they were completely stunned by the scene in front of them!

A dozen Rolls-Royces worth millions are lined up side by side.

A group of people in black walked out of the car together, solemn and respectful, and then bowed solemnly to Shaun and others:

“Meet Mr. Lin and Mrs. Lin!”


Baishan and Paula immediately took a breath of cold air, and a deep look of horror appeared on their faces!

They can’t believe their eyes!

Such a grand and shocking scene.

Especially, when they saw the person directly in front of them, their legs suddenly became weak!

There was an incredible shock on that face:

“Master Bai Chen?”

The person in front of them was the third heir to the Jiangnan Bai family, but now he is incredible, bowing respectfully to Shaun and Elvira.

Are they dreaming?

“Madam, sir, I’ll pick you up for the dinner!”

Bai Chen said loudly.

It turned out that tonight, the four masters have planned a dinner together, and the guests are Shaun and his wife.

Because they intend to officially announce their cooperation with New Bai Group!

And how can the King and Queen of the Blood Prison drive casually?

If it weren’t for Shaun’s request to keep a low profile, they even planned to fly a helicopter to pick them up.

Is this the arrangement Shaun said?

Baishan and Paula immediately stared at Shaun with a ghostly look!

Why does Shaun have such a big face?

Let the Bai family’s third-in-line heir come to meet him personally?

Shaun quickly denied, and smiled:

“It has nothing to do with me, they are all looking for Elvira!”

When Elvira heard this, she immediately recovered from the astonishment, and immediately believed it to be true, and then said to Baishan and Paula:

“Dad, mom, don’t worry, I will never let them take our home!”

After that, Elvira and Shaun got into the car and Bai Chen respectfully greeted them.

All the people in black bowed respectfully to Baishan and Paula, then turned around and opened the door to get into the car, their movements were neat and uniform as if they had been rehearsed tens of thousands of times!


Immediately, Baishan fell to the ground in shock, his heart beating wildly, and said in disbelief:

“Um, is this our daughter really? How do I feel that she is like a high queen!”

As everyone knows, Elvira looks like a queen because her man is a king!

At the same time!

Outside the seven-star hotel in Jiang City, Mr. Bai led the Bai family to the hotel in a hurry, all with excitement and ecstasy on their faces!

As right in front of them, there is Broad Avenue!

“Get out, get out!”

However, at this moment!

A scolding voice came and it disturbed the Bai family.

Then they saw that a series of extravagant and grand Rolls-Royce fleets, like a long dragon, passed in front of them one by one!

Everyone in the Bai family glanced at the license plate, their pupils shrank, and they all exclaimed:

“This is Young Master Bai Chen’s vehicle!”

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