Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1173

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Chapter 1173

Master Bai Chen, the third heir to the Jiangnan Bai family!

In their eyes, it was like a fairy.

Therefore, the entire Bai family suddenly showed admiration, staring at the sky-high luxury cars that passed by one after another.

“So stylish!”

A young descendant of the Bai family admire, and couldn’t hide his envy.

“Not promising!”

Mr. Bai suddenly reprimanded, with a look of contempt on his face, and said proudly:

“When we reach cooperation with the four giants and come into contact with the terrifying existence behind them, our Bai family will be a hundred times more magnificent than him!”

As soon as he said this!

Everyone in the Bai family immediately raised their heads proudly, their faces full of triumph.

As if today, they will fly to the top!

Suddenly someone said, “Hey, it seems that Shaun is in the car!”


Everyone was taken aback, then burst into laughter!

“Nonsense! How can waste like Shaun go with Master Bai Chen? Are you insulting Master Bai Chen?”

“That’s right! That trash doesn’t even deserve to carry the shoes of Master Bai Chen. What qualifications does he have to travel with him? You must be mistaken!”

Everyone unanimously believed that the other party was wrong, and that waste like Shaun was not qualified to appear here.

“Okay, what to do about a dying person?”

Mr. Bai said impatiently because he had already decided to drive the Baishan family out of Jiangshi after reaching cooperation with the four giants!

And Shaun will be cut by him…

That waste caused my son and grandson to be expelled from China…

Damn it!

Then, everyone in the Bai family walked into the hotel full of excitement.

But this time!

Zhu Yun was also at the party, and his face was full of ecstasy.

Because he had intercepted confidential information by means, the reason why the four giants came to invest in Jiangshi was entire because of the instruction of a big man.

And that big man turned out to be the famous King of Blood Prison!

That, he is the god in his heart!

After learning the news, he couldn’t hide his fanatical mood and desperately wanted to see his idol.

Especially, when he learned that the King of Blood Prison and Shan Lin is most likely the same person…

He is madly happy!

He has already decided.

Once the King of Blood Prison appeared, then he immediately knelt in front of him, expounding his worship, and begged him to take him under his command anyway.

Thinking of this, a bitter smile appeared on Zhu Yun’s face:

“Elvira, Shaun, you both dogs wait for me, as long as I meet the King of the Blood Prison, the first thing is to make you die!”

But right now!

The two figures that appeared at the door made his face completely gloomy.

Elvira is here!

The two people standing at the door turned out to be Elvira and Shaun who caused him to be kicked out of Longhu!


His eyes seemed to burst out with fire, and there was a deep hatred in his eyes!

Then he strode towards Shaun and walked over!

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