Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1181

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Chapter 1181


Shaun’s words made everyone there visibly stunned, and then they burst into laughter!

“Here for you? Are you saying that the reason why the four giants come to Jiangshi is to find you?”

“You are waste, a little white face who eats soft rice, what qualifications do you have to let the Patriarch of the Big Four come here to see you?”

“This rubbish, he is just crazy, it’s starting to be whimsical! The four main masters came to Jiang City because our Bai family separated!”

The Jiangshi elders, the Bai family, and others at the scene all sneered, and their faces were full of disdain.

And this!

Suddenly, Sima Longming and the other three Patriarchs’ faces were extremely gloomy!


Little white face?

How dare these people to insult our king this much?

At the moment, they looked into the eyes of Old Man Bai and others, and they were full of anger. As slaves, they were honored with the master, and shameful.

“Shut up all!”

Sima Longming suddenly roared furiously.

At this time, everyone also noticed that the expressions of the three Patriarchs were extremely gloomy, and they were extremely angry.

At the moment they thought that the three Patriarchs were angry because of Shaun and his wife, so the grinning on their faces became more intense.

Mr. Bai also looked at Elvira and Shaun, his face also showed disgust, and he said respectfully:

“Three Patriarchs, please calm down, I will kick out these two broom stars now! So as not to let these two disgusting guys stain your eyes.”


As soon as this remark came out, the three major heads were suddenly cracked, and the expressions on their faces were already completely hideous because of anger!

The Bai family regarded the king of the dignified blood prison as a broom star?

Are these people idiots?

And just when Father Bai planned to continue to insult Shaun.


Sima Longming suddenly changed his friendliness and flattery, and violently pushed Mr. Bai away!

Mr. Bai staggered and fell to the ground.


Everyone was stunned to see this, looking at Sima Longming in disbelief, as if they couldn’t believe how this amiable old man would suddenly change his face like this.

Not only him, the other two Patriarchs also looked at the Bai family with disgust!


The three Patriarchs pushed away from the Bai family in disgust, and then they walked towards Shaun and Elvira.

This scene immediately caused the Bai family to be puzzled!

Not just them!

Even the big bosses there didn’t understand what the three Patriarchs wanted to do.

But right now!

The horrifying scene happened suddenly!

Everyone in the audience was so distraught that they couldn’t believe what they saw.

Three Patriarchs, leading dozens of people, walked to Elvira and Shaun mightily.

Then, under everyone’s crazy gaze, they all bowed and saluted Shaun:

“Mr. Lin, Miss Elvira, you have been waiting for us for a long time!”


When these words sounded, the entire party hall was completely plunged into a dead silence, and everyone was frightened crazy at this moment.

This must be an illusion!

They unexpectedly saw that the three Patriarchs who should kill Shaun bowed and saluted him.

Bow to waste?

How can this be?

At this time, the faces of Mr. Bai and others were full of disbelief, and there was a sudden ominous premonition in their hearts!

Did the four giants come to Jiang City really to split up for their Bai family?

At this time, the heart of Mr. Bai was beating wildly, and he only felt that his body was trembling madly.

At this time, Shaun gave Sima Longming a light look:

“You can announce it!”

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