Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1182

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Chapter 1182


Everyone was stunned and puzzled. What did Shaun want these Patriarchs to announce?

At this moment, Zheng Honglian stood up and said loudly:

“From today on, we four giants will unite together to reach a cooperation with Miss Elvira’s New Bai Group, and fully invest in the New Bai Group in Jiangshi!”


There was an uproar in the audience!

It turns out that the four giants came to invest in Jiang City not because of the separation of family, but because of Elvira!


At the moment, Mr. Bai was paralyzed to the ground in fright, his face was gray, and his most worrying thing had happened After all!

Maybe they are here to invest in our New Bai Group?

Shaun’s stupid words before, were like thunder, constantly exploding in his mind.

Before, they sneered at these words as a big joke, only thinking that Shaun was daydreaming.

But now!

What Shaun said turned out to be true!

“No, it’s not true…”

Mr. Bai’s face was ashamed, and his heart was full of bitterness. He only felt that God had made a big joke with them.

The family that was swept out by them turned out to be a partner of the four giants?

This… how is it possible!

Not only his Bai family, but everyone there felt unbelievable, and looked at the four masters with horrified eyes!

It’s just like a dream!

How can these two wastes let the four masters come to the door to seek cooperation?

What’s more, it made the four lords who dominate Jiangnan bow to them?

Everyone there went crazy!

“Make a mistake! You must be mistaken. These two people are just trash and are not qualified to cooperate with you at all!”

Zhu Yun couldn’t accept this scene at all with his screaming eyes.

He was trying his best to humiliate Elvira and Shaun!

But once they reach cooperation with the four giants, it is equivalent to reaching cooperation with the king of the blood prison. How can he still have a chance for revenge?

At the moment, he stared at Elvira and Shaun with hideous faces, and roared wildly:

“These two damn dogs, they insulted the King of the Blood Prison and Shan Lin just now, you should smash them into pieces!”

The voice just fell!

Da da da…

Outside the door, there was a burst of dense footsteps, it was the sound of army boots hitting the ground.

After a long while, two towering and domineering figures appeared on the spot with a group of well-trained soldiers!

“Gods of Dragon and Tiger!”

Seeing them, everyone’s eyes were split, and it seemed that they couldn’t believe that two of the dignified Chinese Eight Great War Gods appeared in this scene at the same time!

“Seeing Gods of War!”

Everyone was scared to pee, even when they quickly moved towards the Gods of War, they all knelt down.

The expression on their faces can be said to be extremely nervous.

This is in charge of a legion with one hundred thousand soldiers, and stomping is enough to wipe them out!

However, the two Gods of War didn’t even look at these people, and spoke appallingly:

“In the name of Shan Lin, I am here to congratulate Mr. Lin and Miss Elvira on their cooperation with the four of you!”


Everyone suddenly shook like thunder, and their bodies trembled fiercely.

Their expressions completely solidified at this moment!

Listen… Did you get it wrong?

Correct! You must have heard it wrong!

At this time, they couldn’t believe that Shan Lin would have ordered Dragon and Tiger War Gods to come to congratulate the two wastes.


At this time, Lin Guangyao was shocked and squeezed the wine glass in his hand. The whole hand was bloody, but he didn’t notice it.

Those horrified eyes stared at Shaun like this.

Shaun and his wife, know Shan Lin?

This is impossible!

In an instant, the expressions of all the guests there changed drastically, and everyone looked at Shaun and his wife with a ghostly look.

They are scared to pee!

No wonder these two people dared to be so arrogant and even dared to sit in the seat of the forest seat holder. It turns out that they knew that powerful existence!


Zhu Yun could no longer withstand this shocking blow, as if he was drained of all strength, and sat on the ground feebly, his face was already dead gray!

That’s it!

He is completely over!

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