Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1183

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Chapter 1183

“Shan Lin, congratulated to this couple, this is not true, I must be dreaming!”

Zhu Yun only felt that his brain was blank.

His idol, his god, the great forest seat holder!

He has a friendship with Shaun and his wife!

But he tried every possible means to kill Shaun, so how could Shan Lin accept him?

He was kicked out by the Dragon Tiger Legion, was downgraded to one star, and was even dismantled by the White Tiger!

And this is all because he has enmity with Shaun and his wife!

He finally understood why Elvira would look down on him, so why would Shan Lin send someone to congratulate her, and why would she fall in love with a small three-star warrior?

He is just sh!t!

Zhu Yun’s face suddenly filled with deep regret.

The Blood Dragon War God suddenly turned his head and stared at Zhu Yun coldly:

“Zhu Yun, as a military officer, you have not changed after repeated warning! You have repeatedly insulted Miss Elvira and Mr. Lin, this has angered Shan Lin!”

“So Shan Lin has ordered to expel you from the military forever, and you will no longer be a Chinese soldier!”


These words are like thunder!

Everyone in the room couldn’t believe their ears.


Just because he insulted this rubbish couple, made Shan Lin angry?

What do these two have to do with Shan Lin!

At this time, Mr. Bai was regretful, and his face was covered with tears of regret.

Not real!

This is not true!

My granddaughter knew Shan Lin, one of the four major army seats?

With this kind of relationship, the Bai family can use her power to reach the peak of China’s power and become China’s top giant!

But he has expelled Elvira out, and even declared enmity with her family!

This is extremely stupid!

The Bai family who had insulted Shaun before, was also shaky at this time, collapsed to the ground on the spot.

They know what they missed!

“God of War, don’t fire me! I know I was wrong. For my hard work these years, please help me ask Shan Lin for mercy!”

Zhu Yun crawled to the front of the blood dragon war god, crying bitterly and begging constantly.

He is the star of the Legion and he has a promising future. How could he fall here?

If he is expelled from the military, then his life will be completely over!

The Blood Dragon God of War sighed helplessly, lowered his voice, and said in Zhu Yun’s ear:

“If you offend someone else, maybe I can still intercede for you, but you have offended Shan Lin!”


Zhu Yun was dumbfounded, only feeling that he was about to faint.

Offended Shan Lin?

What a joke!

How can he have the guts to offend Shan Lin?

Then, he suddenly thought of a terrifying possibility, Shan Lin… Shaun?


Immediately, his brain seemed to explode, pointing at Shaun in disbelief, and then staring at the Blood Dragon God of War with horror.

The Blood Dragon God of War glanced at him deeply, then nodded his head with a complicated expression.


Everything is understood!

Zhu Yun wanted to laugh, wanted to laugh out loud, laugh at his ignorance and stupidity!

It turns out that Shaun is the god he has admired for many years!

And he, unconsciously trying to snatch the woman from the forest seat holder!

Is he worthy?

How can a woman of a lion fall in love with a dog?

Now, his conceit made him angry with Shan Lin, and also made him ruin his future and become a useless person!


Very good!

puff! !!

Next moment!

Under the horrified eyes of everyone, Zhu Yun was anxious, and immediately spit out a mouthful of blood.

Then he fell backward weakly and passed out completely.

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