Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1188

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Chapter 1188


Upon hearing this, Yanzishan trembled fiercely.

“no, don’t do it!”

He trembled all over, already crying bitterly, and at this moment a deep regret emerged in his heart.


Several masters instantly pushed him to the ground, and one of them suddenly lifted his leg, and then stepped on Yanzishan’s knee extremely fiercely!


The sound of broken bones resounded instantly.

Yanzishan’s knees distorted and the bones burst out!


A terrible scream burst out from his throat instantly!

This scene directly caused everyone there to panic to the extreme.


Shaun’s face also showed a touch of astonishment, and he did not expect that Xun’er would have such a sky-defying background.

At the moment, Shaun chuckled lightly and shook his head, the little girl’s identity was hidden!

At this time!

Xun’er didn’t even look at Yanzishan, and said:

“From now on, Nalan’s family has officially reached a permanent cooperation with The New Bai Group!”


This scene shocked everyone there to the extreme.


That’s Nalan’s!

Their economy is spread all over the world, and the annual profit is as high as trillions. If you can cooperate with it, it will not take long to become the richest man in the city!

New Bai Group can cooperate with it, and its future will be bright!

For a moment, everyone thought of something, staring at Shaun with a horrified look.

Before, Yanzishan said that Miss Xun’er is the sister of Shaun?

Even Elvira was completely confused.

She also stared at Shaun with an extremely suspicious look.

She knew very well that a new company like New Bai Group was simply not qualified to enter into cooperation with giants like the Nalan family.

Is this really related to Shaun?


But at this moment, Xun’er stepped forward and went straight to Shaun, and then asked:

“Miss Elvira, would you like to cooperate with our Nalan family?”

Elvira suddenly shook her body, like a chicken pecking rice, nodding nervously:

“Of course I do! It’s my pleasure!”

Xun’er smiled and nodded, then looked at Shaun on the side:

“Right, Mr. Lin…”

This action immediately made Shaun tight, for fear that this little girl would make their relationship public.

At the same time!

There was dead silence in the audience, everyone pricked their ears and stared at Shaun very nervously.

They want to know whether all this is related to Shaun.

However, Xun’er changed the conversation and said:

“Thank you for sending medicine for me that day!”

As soon as this remark came out, everyone was immediately relieved.

It turned out to be just helping with medicine!

Immediately, the awe on everyone’s faces disappeared, and the eyes looking at Shaun were once again full of contempt and disdain.

They just said, how could this waste be Miss Xun’er’s brother? Yanzishan must have misunderstood.

Seeing the cunning on Xun’er’s face, Shaun suddenly understood and gave her an angry look.

And Xun’er was still smiling, saying:

“At that time, please trouble Mr. Lin and Miss Elvira, and help introduce the genius, Doctor Lin!”


Everyone immediately realized that the reason why the Nalan family cooperated with the New Bai Group was not because of Elvira and Shaun, but because of the mysterious Doctor Lin!

And seeing this, Mr. Bai only felt that his heart was stabbed!

Deep remorse appeared in his heart at this moment.

The four giants made the full investment!

Shan Lin send people to congratulate!

Nalan’s permanent cooperation!

Every news is enough to shock the country!

This also means that the future of the New Bai Group will surely soar into the sky, and even the entire Jiangnan Province will be in charge of Elvira.

Elvira was supposed to be the most perfect heir to the Bai family, but he swept Elvira out!

Grandpa, you will regret it!

What Shaun said was completely fulfilled at this time!

At the moment, Mr. Bai bowed to Shaun in disgrace:

“Shaun, Elvira, grandpa knows it was wrong, please forgive me this time!”

He didn’t choose, if they don’t get forgiveness, then their Bai family will miss a great opportunity to rise to the top.

“Forgive? Yes!”

The corner of Shaun’s mouth suddenly curled up in a cold arc:

“Let all the Bai family members come to my parents and kneel down!”


The expressions of Mr. Bai and others suddenly changed!

But Shaun didn’t even look at them, took Elvira’s hand, and left.

“Patriarch, what shall we do?”

Everyone looked at Father Bai as if asking for help.

Mr. Bai’s face suddenly sank, and he commanded with extreme shame:

“Go! Go and apologize to Baishan and Paula!”

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