Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1201

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Chapter 1201


Everything is understood!

No wonder the Blood Prison Mad God questioned the opponent when he appeared.

It is a violent shot, and it is instantly hit!

Just because the guy in front is a fake!

At this time, everyone suddenly woke up from a dream!

The mad god of blood prison was cultivated by the king of blood prison alone. How could the master lose to his apprentice?

How could the man is known as the strongest man in the world be defeated?

And the blood prison mad god, like the first fierce general of the blood prison king, how could he not know him?

All deceived!

After realizing this, Lin Guangyao, Yanzishan, and the Bai family suddenly felt faint.

They thought that Shaun, posing as the King of the Blood Prison, would undoubtedly die today.

But whoever thought that the real person who pretended to be was not Shaun, but the counterfeit in front of them!


Knowing that the incident was revealed, the counterfeit suddenly weakened his legs and knelt in front of the mad god of blood prison, trembling crazily.

Even the voice was crying:

“No… don’t kill me! I know I was wrong, I wouldn’t dare anymore!”


This action completely confirmed the fact!

This guy is really a fake!

Seeing this!

Sima Yan’er felt a little grateful. It seemed that the news was true. Her savior was really the King of the Blood Prison, but the shameless scum in front of her was just a fake.


The Yanzishan and others, who were arrogant and proud, had a face of death at this moment, and they could no longer suppress the fear in their hearts.

Especially Lin Guangyao!

After learning of the bad news, he was completely scared and paralyzed to the ground, his heart beating violently with horror, and the dense cold sweat flowed down his forehead continuously.

What he has always believed in is a fake?

Now, the counterfeit has been exposed, angering the entire blood prison, and he must not end well.

And he is very likely to be implicated!

Even, everything he has obtained now will disappear!

That’s it!

He is completely over!

For a moment!

Everyone suddenly thought of something, and then one after another looked at Shaun with terrifying gazes.

“You shouldn’t come to China!”

“Come and kill!”

When Shaun said these sentences before, everyone just thought it was ridiculous and didn’t take him seriously.

But now, what Shaun said has been fulfilled!

What is this?

It’s as if he is the King of the Blood Prison!

It’s so incredible!

And just now!

An even more terrifying scene happened when the blood prison mad god looked at Shaun at this moment.

It looked like he was asking Shaun’s opinion!

This simply made the scalp numb of everyone there, and an extremely crazy idea emerged in their hearts!

That is: This guy, is he really the King of the Blood Prison?

Even Sima Yan’er looked at Shaun with horror and excitement, how she hoped that Shaun was the King of the Blood Prison.

In this way, even if it was really taken away by him for the first time, then he has no complaints!

At this time, Shaun sneered:

“Just now, he insulted my wife! He wanted my wife to go to bed with him!”


Hearing this, it completely blows up the blood prison mad god and other blood prison powerhouses!

Insulted the queen?

Let the queen go to bed with this waste?

A counterfeit, dare to humiliate the deity so much, he is damned!


The blood prison mad god stared at the counterfeit with cruel eyes:

“Pretending to be the King of the Blood Prison, you…damn it!”

Just listening to this!

The counterfeit suddenly fell into an ice cellar, and pee instantly flowed out from under his crotch.

He cried and hit his head frantically: “I’m sorry, I was wrong! Raise your hand and spare my life, you can let me do anything!”

Regret it!

I really shouldn’t have come to China!

He was able to use the reputation of the King of the Blood Prison to dominate the blessing overseas, but he wanted to fight for that moment and come back to kill Shaun, a “fake.”

This is simply looking for death!

But at this time, the mad god of blood prison had already strangled his throat with both hands and slowly lifted him up…

Then, abruptly!

The head was taken off!

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