Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1202

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Chapter 1202

Seeing this!

Everyone got horrified, and their whole bodies trembled violently and uncontrollably.


Taking off a person’s head with his bare hands is like treating a living person as an animal.

A stream of blood rushed out from the broken head in an instant.


In an instant, everyone in the entire Bai family stopped breathing, and the atmosphere was depressed and dull.

One by one, they felt their hearts pounding and jumping wildly!

Is this the end of pretending to be the King of the Blood Prison?

Just be treated like a pig and slaughtered on the spot!

Upon seeing this, Yanzishan went crazy, pointing at Shaun hoarsely and shouting:

“The mad god of blood prison, and this waste! He also pretended to be the king of blood prison, you should kill him now!”

There is a strong viciousness in the words!


The Blood Prison Mad God looked towards Shaun and his wife.

In just an instant, those eyes were blood red!

Yanzishan was ecstatic and angry!

The blood prison mad god is angry!

Then, Shaun will end up in the same way as the counterfeit!

“You let me kill him?”

The blood prison mad god asked, his voice was full of murderous aura.

At this time, Yanzishan still didn’t realize that the atmosphere was no longer right, and he nodded with excitement:

“Yes, this person dared to pretend to be the king of the blood prison, it is a crime worthy of death! In my opinion, he should be broken into pieces!”

“Okay, that’s as you wish!”

The blood prison madness screamed, and his figure rushed out instantly.


A thick hideous color appeared on Yanzishan’s face, and he wanted to laugh at Shaun and his wife.

But right now!


A touch of blood, suddenly shot out from his arm.

Under everyone’s horrified gaze, the blood prison mad god tore off an arm of Yanzishan.


Immediately, a terrifying and stern scream burst out from the mouth of Yanzishan.


Everyone was completely stunned, and at this moment they couldn’t believe their eyes.

Didn’t the blood prison mad god want to kill Shaun?

But why did he pull Yanzishan’s arm abruptly?

For a moment!

There was an ominous premonition in the hearts of everyone, and they deeply suspected that Shaun was the king of the blood prison.

But at this moment!

The blood prison mad god threw the broken arm aside and snorted coldly:

“Mr. Lin and Mrs. Lin are our most loyal partners in the Blood Prison! You dare to slander them, you are damned!”


The words of the mad god of blood prison fall!

Within the entire Bai family, it was completely exploded!

At this moment, they looked at Shaun and Elvira.

The mystery is revealed!

Shaun is not the king of the blood prison, but he and his wife have a cooperative relationship with the blood prison.

But this is enough to shock the world!


Lin Guangyao, Yanzishan, and the entire Bai family were all in desperation at this moment, and they were paralyzed one by one!

Their faces were full of fear and disbelief!

What did they hear?

Shaun and Elvira are partners of the blood prison?

These words fell in their ears, like a wave of thunder, making everyone there tremble crazily.

This… how is this possible?

How can they cooperate with the blood prison?

For a moment!

All of them felt faint.

Because of them, how dare to attack the partners in the blood prison?

This is simply looking for death!

Especially, when they think of the horrible scenes of blood prison madness killing counterfeit and abusing Yanzishan, one by one will be scared to pee on the spot.

And Mr. Bai, the figure was shaky and fell to the ground, his old face was completely gray.

“It’s over! Our Bai family is over!”

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