Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1203

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Chapter 1203

Originally thought that Shaun and his wife would die, so he couldn’t wait to take the property of these two as his own.

But he never imagined that Shaun and Elvira were partners with the Blood Prison!

How dare they attack the partners of the King of Blood Prison?

Reminiscent of Yanzishan, just slander Shaun, an arm was broken by the mad god of Blood Prison, and Old Man Bai had his scalp numb!

Faces of panic and despair!

This is looking for death!

“Master mad god, you… are you kidding? It’s impossible! How could both of them have reached cooperation with the blood prison? They are not qualified!”

At this time, Lin Guangyao screamed in horror, tears, and hatred on his face, as if he has gone mad.

He couldn’t accept it, that he failed again!


The blood prison mad god immediately sneered, looking at Lin Guangyao as if he was looking at an idiot:

“You think the four giants, why they cooperate with them?”

“Do you think that there is a lot of dignity, why send someone to congratulate them?”

“Just because Miss Elvira is the spokesperson of my blood prison in Jiangnan!”


The words of the mad god of blood prison were like a slap in the face of Lin Guangyao and others.

These words made them collapsed.

They reacted in an instant. It turned out that those existences with hands and eyes open to the sky, the reason why Elvira was so favored was all because of the King of Blood Prison!

Elvira, the spokesperson of the King of Blood Prison!

This name alone is enough to make Elvira run rampantly throughout China!

Did she turn out to be the top hand of the blood prison?

After hearing that his granddaughter turned out to be the spokesperson of the Blood Prison in Jiangnan, Mr. Bai went crazy.

He just felt that his views have completely collapsed!

How can this be?

Even if Elvira had some abilities, but she has no background and was not a masterpiece, how could she qualify to be favored by the underworld emperor who ruled the dark world?

You know, the spokesperson of Blood Prison in China, without exception, has a shocking background!

For example, the Xiao family, the spokesperson of the Blood Prison in Jiangbei, is a wealthy family with a history of nearly a thousand years. It has been in business for generations and has endured for a long time. It has ruled Jiangbei for four hundred years.

In this way, it is barely qualified to be named a spokesperson!

But what does Elvira have?

This is simply a fantasy!

Regret it!

Only after Yanzishan learned of Elvira’s identity and background, he realized how stupid he was.


He was about to freak out, crying to Shaun and Elvira:

“Don’t kill me, please, I have been turned into a useless person!”

He really regretted it!

I shouldn’t offend Shaun. If he hadn’t offended Shaun, how could he have his legs broken and even an arm was torn off?

Shaun spared his life, but he still retaliated against Shaun recklessly and tried to swallow his property together with the Bai family.

Even if the counterfeit was revealed just now, he still imagined that Shaun could be broken into pieces.

This is simply the extreme of death!

He is now a useless person!

Only with Shaun’s forgiveness can he have such a glimmer of hope of survival.


A bloody smile appeared at the corner of Shaun’s mouth:

“But I hope you become a dead person!”


These words immediately made Yanzishan’s expression completely ashamed!

Shaun’s statement indicates that his life is about to end at this moment!


Immediately, under the extremely horrified gaze of everyone, the blood prison mad god slammed directly on the head of Yanzishan.

He made his head burst open!

Brains splash!

Seeing this bloody and brutal scene, the entire Bai family suddenly burst completely, and everyone suddenly seemed to have fainted with horror.


They all crawling on the ground, and screaming:

“Elvira, Shaun! Please, let us go!”

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