Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1204

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Chapter 1204

“Yes Elvira, we are a family!”

“We know that we were wrong, don’t kill us! We will return all the property to you. From now on, the Bai family will still treat you as the master. Whatever you say, we will take your lead.”

They were already scared to urinate, their faces could not hide the panic, they were all afraid that they would end up like Yanzishan.

After all, they are Elvira’s relatives, but what they did was ten times worse than Yanzishan!

“Serve us as Lord? Do you have this qualification?”

Shaun sneered, his eyes full of contempt.

Hearing this!

The remorse in the hearts of the Bai family, headed by Mr. Bai, is extremely strong.

It is in response to the buzzword: once me, you love to answer; now me, you can’t afford it!

Elvira’s current status is already the ruler of Jiangnan Province, and their Bai family is now unworthy of giving her shoes.

This great opportunity was stupidly abandoned by them.

But now, when the opportunity is not to be missed, they will not have such an opportunity again.

“Shaun, forget it!”

Elvira said lightly, she didn’t want to say anything anymore, she was completely disappointed with her so-called family.

But that was her family after all, and she couldn’t be like them!

Shaun had already had a murderous heart, but when he heard this, he could only sigh and cast a look at the blood prison mad god.


The blood prison mad god understood what Shaun meant, and even his face sank, he shouted at the Bai family:

“The Bai family, humiliating my blood prison spokesperson, embezzling the blood prison and The New Bai Group cooperation project, it should be a capital crime!”

“But since Miss Elvira intercedes for you, the death penalty can be avoided, and the living sin cannot escape!”

“From today! Jiangshi Bai family, no politics! No business! No army! No education!”

“The next generations will be reduced to the bottom of society, and they can only make money from labor. If you dare to defy, we will kill you!”


Upon hearing this, the entire Bai family suddenly passed out!

Become the bottom of society!

Doesn’t this allow them to make a living?

This is simply slavery!

This is nothing short of a nightmare for these pampered masters!

The faces of all the Bai family members were covered with ashes, one by one weeping in pain, falling into endless despair.

The blood prison mad god is driving them to death!

But at this time, no one dared to ask for mercy and could only swallow the broken tooth into the stomach.

They all know that this is retribution!

Retribution for attempting to embezzle Elvira’s property!

In the end, they did not steal the rice, and Elvira got the property back but instead killed them, and they could only be slaves for generations.

But at this time, Shaun didn’t care about their feelings at all, and then looked at Lin Guangyao, who was already ashamed:

“You should know, this time, I won’t let you go again!”

Hearing these words!

Lin Guangyao’s face suddenly showed strong bitterness.

He also knew that Shaun would not let him go, so he did not take his own humiliation and knelt down and begged for mercy. Now no matter what he says or does, he will only end up with one…

That’s death!

“Shaun, I lost! I never thought in my life that I would lose to you.”

Lin Guangyao’s face was as gray as death, and his expression was desperate:

“Before I die, I only have one request, and that is to hope you, let me die more easily!”

“Although I met you, I should take care of your last wish, but…” Shaun’s eyes suddenly showed a thick murderous intent:

“You shouldn’t do it, you should also involve Elvira!”

Shaun can forgive him for shooting him.

Shaun couldn’t forgive him for shooting his woman!

Then, a cold and merciless voice rang out:

“So your request, I refuse!”

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