Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1205

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Chapter 1205


Lin Guangyao suddenly changed wildly and realized in his heart that this guy wanted to make him…

Don’t kill!

In the instant, Shaun smiled cruelly, and uttered a word in extremely cold blood:

“Remove his chin!”


Immediately, Lin Guangyao’s chin was removed by the blood prison mad god.

This made Lin Guangyao’s pupils crazily shrink, and endless horror and panic suddenly appeared in his eyes.

Shaun even cruelly seized his chance of suicide.

Then what he will face next is endless suffering.

Thinking of the desperate situation he was about to face, the eyes he looked at Shaun were filled with endless fear.


This guy is simply the devil!

When everyone in the Bai family saw this, they lifted their heart and liver into their throats instantly, with lingering shock and panic on their faces.

They didn’t expect that Shaun, who had always been committed to promises, was so cold-blooded and ruthless that he would not let go of a dead person.

If they are not Elvira’s family, what will happen?

They simply don’t have the courage to continue the association!

I regretted it more and more in my heart, why should I be an enemy of such monsters!


Shaun stopped paying attention to everyone, and together with Elvira, he supported the frightened Baishan and Paula, and slowly left the door.

Seeing that Shaun was about to leave, Sima Yan’er’s heart suddenly felt a deep sense of loss.

It turns out that he is not the King of Blood Prison!

“Elvira, give Grandpa a chance again, OK? I beg you!”

Mr. Bai suddenly knelt down to Elvira, his eyes were full of regret, and there were already tears.

He knew that if Elvira did not forgive them, then their Bai family would be completely over!

How could he watch the Bai family helplessly, ruined!

But at this time, all the members of the Bai family also knelt down towards Elvira, and at this moment they regretted to the extreme.

Originally, their Bai family could continue with Elvira and fly to the top!

But now, just because of their temporary greed, they disillusioned and even caused the Bai family to offend the blood prison.

This is simply digging one’s own grave!

They all regret their greed and stupidity!

Even the Nalan family at this time, after seeing the miserable end of the Bai family trembled!

They were very fortunate that they did not offend the couple thoroughly, otherwise, they would end up in the same way.

“Baishan, I order you to help me plead with Elvira! I’m your dad, how can you bear to watch my bankruptcy?”

Mr. Bai shouted in grief and indignation, and he gave an order to Baishan.

At this time, Baishan was also hesitant, looking at Elvira with complicated eyes.

But at this moment, Shaun sneered, and secretly scolded Mr. Bai for his relentlessness, and then cast a look at the mad god of blood prison.

The blood prison mad god suddenly became angry and shouted:

“Today’s matter is related to the prestige of my blood prison. It is useless for anyone to intercede!”


These words made the Bai family completely desperate!

Baishan also sighed and said, “Dad, I’m sorry! I can’t help you either!”

Then, a family of four left.

“Beast! Beast!”

Mr. Bai suddenly wailed in sorrow and kept patting the ground with his hands. He was completely hysterical.

The Bai family, there will never be a day to turn over!

And those from the Bai family also had deep resentment in their eyes, resentment towards the Baishan family.

But at this moment, the fierce eyes of the blood prison mad god swept across everyone:

“As for the relationship between Miss Elvira and the Blood Prison, I hope you’d better rot all in your stomach. If I find that a little wind is leaking, don’t blame me for being cruel!”

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