Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1206

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Chapter 1206


The news that the counterfeit was executed by the blood prison mad god spread all over Jiang City!

Jiangshi people, who were panicked, suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.

But they were puzzled. Since Shaun also pretended to be the King of blood prison, why he is still alive?

At the moment, all kinds of malicious discussions are overwhelming!

“That Elvira must have become a mistress for a big man. Otherwise, how could such a big thing be solved so easily?”

“The one named Shaun is really a tortoise slave! As a man, it is shameful to rely on his wife’s adulterer to rescue him, not to mention his wife’s support for soft food!”

“Be a man like that, it’s better to die!”

“I heard that Elvira is very shameless, not to mention that she has an affair with the genius doctor Lin, and even has power and s3x transactions with the top four giants. How else would they invest in a small New Bai Group?”

“Yeah! I guess the whole Jiangnan dignitaries have been on her embroidered bed! I also heard that Shaun knows clearly that he has taken the initiative to give his wife to those dignitaries!”

And this time!

Shaun read this news, his eyes got murderous.

It was discovered that these lace news and bad reviews were published by the same news newspaper.

Shengxing Daily!

Shaun has heard about it. It is said that this is the No. 1 newspaper in Jiangnan. He broke a lot of news under his hand and offended many powerful people, but because of its too large background, he did not let it go!

But this time, they have got the wrong person!

Immediately, he sent a message to the mad god of blood prison, asking him to investigate the origin of this Shengxing Daily.

At this moment, Elvira came over and said to Shaun:

“Shaun, the company urgently needs a batch of welcoming cars, will you accompany me to buy them?”

“It is good.”

Shaun agreed without thinking about it, put his phone away, and went out with Elvira.

They both went to the Mercedes-Benz 4S store together, planning to buy a batch of Maybach from it as a welcome car for The New Bai Group.

Just as both were about to step into the shop, a loud noise suddenly rang behind them!


When both looked in astonishment, they saw a Rolls-Royce slamming into their Mercedes-Benz sedan.

The rear of their car suddenly fell apart. Just by looking at the extent of the collision, that speed must exceed 150 per hour.

The people there were all dumbfounded because they had clearly seen just now that the Rolls-Royce suddenly accelerated when it was only 30 meters away from the Mercedes-Benz, and then slammed into it!

This is clearly intentional!


A man and a woman walked out of the car at the same time!

The moment they saw the woman, Shaun and Elvira’s expressions became gloomy at the same time!

Wen Qian!

None of them expected to meet Wen Qian here, and even more, did not expect that Wen Qian would deliberately crash their car.

At this time, Wen Qian and the man next to her walked in stride, with thick ridicule on their faces:

“Elvira, are you still with this trash?”


Hearing this, the expressions of Shaun and Elvira suddenly became extremely gloomy.

Wen Qian just crashed their car deliberately, and insulted Shaun as soon as she came, this woman really did not change.

And now!

The young talent next to Wen Qian was completely stunned when he saw Elvira!

At this moment, his heart suddenly glowed with scorching heat!

What a nice body!

He has read countless women, but he feels that no woman can be compared with the stunner in front of him.

When he saw Shaun next to Elvira, there was thick jealousy in his eyes.

Right now, he also smiled contemptuously and looked at Shaun arrogantly:

“Qian, that’s what you said, the trash that depends on his wife to feed him!”

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