Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1211

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Chapter 1211

At the moment when the saleswoman’s voice fell.

The audience fell into a dead silence, and everyone seemed to be strangling their throats, everyone was stunned and shocked to the extreme!


This is so special, it’s an illusion!

The procedure is done?

Keys of thirty cars?

This couple did not brag!

At the moment, everyone’s complexion changed drastically, as if they had seen a ghost, one by one, they crazily rubbed their eyes.

Can’t believe what they see before their eyes!

“Car keys! They really ordered thirty Rolls-Royce Phantoms!”

“Am I dreaming? The employee said just now that it was the Jiangnan Communist Party who bought these Rolls-Royce Phantoms. Could it be that this woman is really the Jiangnan Communist Party?”



Drops of cold sweat continued to flow down from their foreheads.

If the other party is really the Jiangnan Communist Party, and they dared to humiliate them like that before, they would be completely over.

That is the most vigorous existence in the whole Jiangnan nowadays, causing all the four giants to kneel, and all the bigwigs bow their heads.

This is a small 4S shop, and in the eyes of the other party, they are like ants, which can be destroyed by a finger!

Insulting such existence, this is simply looking for death!

“Impossible… it is impossible!”


Wen Qian’s face was covered with deep horror, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

When she left half a year ago, Elvira was just a small president. Now in just half a year, she has become the Jiangnan Communist Party?

How can this be?

Her face was ugly as if dripping water, after all, before she laughed at Elvira if she was the Jiangnan Communist, she knelt down and licked her shoes.

But right now, she was instantly slapped in the face.

At this time, Shu Lan, who saw this scene, felt that his heart had been severely cut!



Before, when Shaun and Elvira said they were going to buy a batch of vehicles in his shop, he sneered at them and didn’t care about them at all.

She thought these two poor ghosts were just rants!

But now, the other party went to the next shop and bought thirty luxury cars. If he didn’t have a dog to look down on people at first, she would drive the couple out.

The couple must have bought 30 Maybachs in their Mercedes-Benz 4S store, and he will also have received millions in commission!

But now!

He has nothing!

Those millions of commissions, as well as the generous year-end awards, were completely away from him at this moment.

“She turned out to be the Jiangnan Communist Party?”

Lee Sang-huk was shocked suddenly, and suddenly he had an ominous premonition in his heart.

The one who controls the four giants and rules Jiangnan is the woman in front of him?

Wen Qian, who reacted, smiled contemptuously:

“The sh!t Jiangnan Communist Party! Half a year ago, she was just a small president. Only half a year later, she became the Jiangnan Communist Party. How is this possible?”

“The employee must have misunderstood!”

This statement came out!

Everyone also recovered from the horror, and thick anger suddenly appeared in their eyes.

These two are fooling around!


It took only half a year for a small president to become the head of a province. This is simply a fantasy!

Totally impossible!

The employee must have misunderstood!

“Dared to play with me? I think you are looking for death!”

Li Xianghe’s eyes were splitting suddenly, and he was a little bit irritated because just now, he really thought Elvira was the Jiangnan Communist.

Only now did he realize that he was being tricked!

At this time!

Wen Qian’s gaze fell on Elvira’s body, and there were a thick joking and viciousness in her eyes:

“Elvira, isn’t it stinking to me? Then I order you now to immediately transfer these thirty cars to my name!”

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