Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1212

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Chapter 1212


Hearing this, the faces of everyone there were full of unbelievable.

This is, planning to grab cars?


Everyone was completely stunned, but they didn’t expect Wen Qian to be so arrogant.

Dared to grab cars blatantly?

Three hundred million, this is not a small amount!

At this time, Elvira was also trembling with anger. This woman is no longer as simple as making troubles unreasonably, she is simply frantic.

At the moment, she said angrily:

“You dream! Why should I give you the cars I bought?”


But when she saw it, Wen Qian sneered twice, and then stared at Elvira with a sinister face:

“Well, I can let you all die at any time!”

Today’s Wen Qian is extremely arrogant.

Because her boyfriend is a big master in Jiangbei, if she wants to clean up both Shaun and Elvira, that’s easy for her!

At this time, Lee Sang Hyuk, who had already been extremely angry, also roared arrogantly:

“No? I have never failed to get what I wanted!”

“Manager Shu, let your people teach this couple a lesson. It doesn’t matter if you kill them. I’ll go around if something happens!”

There is a strong viciousness in the voice!

Just listening to this!

Shu Lan, who was already jealous, suddenly showed a sinister look on his face:

“You two, you offended Ye Chen Li, and you dared to pretend to be the Jiangnan Communist Party. You are really looking for death!”


He waved a big hand and ordered a group of security guards:

“Go! Just kill these bastards!”

But right now!

That Rolls-Royce female saleswoman stood in front of Shaun and said angrily:

“What do you want to do? This is our Rolls-Royce 4S shop. It’s not your area to be wild!”

Her daughter was suffering from a heart attack and was in need of five million for a heart transplant. She borrowed from all her relatives and friends but failed to collect this much amount, so she could only make her daughter desperate to die!

But thanks to Shaun and Elvira, who gave her several million commissions, she finally made up the medical expenses!

To her, Shaun and his wife are her daughter’s benefactors, and she must not let them suffer any harm!



Wen Qian slapped her face, causing the latter to stagger and fall to the ground.

On that cheek, a bright red palm print appeared.

“A small saleswoman dares to be nosy, I think you are living impatiently!”

Wen Qian snorted coldly, with a deep contempt in her eyes, and then ordered:

“Manager Shu, this sl*t dare to be nosy, you stripped her clothes and beat her!”


Upon hearing this, the saleswoman’s pretty face turned pale. She didn’t expect Wen Qian to be so frantic, and even ordered to beat her, and stripping her clothes, causing her to be humiliated in public!

Upon seeing this, Shaun’s eyes also showed a gloomy horror, and then leaned over in front of the saleswoman:

“Are you OK?”

“Runaway! Sir and madam, run away!”

The saleswoman, regardless of her own safety, cried out to Shaun and Elvira.

Her remarks immediately caused ridicule from Shu Lan, Wen Qian, and others.

Offended the son of the Jiangbei wealthy Li family, where Shaun can go, he is already bound to die!

But Shaun ignored their reaction, stared at Wen Qian:

“Are you sure, you want to grab my cars?”

“Not bad!”

Wen Qian sneered and looked at Shaun condescendingly:

“Now, you transfer the cars to my name, and you both kneel in front of me, and that’s it!”

“You don’t want to leave alive today!”

Her face was filled with a deep complacency, as if she was right, Shaun and the two dared not refuse.


But right now!

Shaun agreed in one fell swoop, and at the same time passed the stack of car purchase contracts to Wen Qing.

Then a cold smile appeared on his face:

“If you have the ability, take it!”

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