Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1571

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Chapter 1571

Jacob felt very scared, fearing that the vicious plan of the evildoer would really take revenge on Irene.

He must find out this matter as soon as possible.

Early in the morning, Jacob came to the small bamboo house on the top of Mount Everest.

When Master Zhantian saw Jacob, he was no longer as hostile as he was when he first saw him. For this god-given apprentice, Master Zhantian both likes and admires.

Jacob’s ability to strategize and conquer a thousand miles to save the 100,000 villagers of Yujiazhai is no less than his great apprentice Zhanshan. Zhan Tian admired his shocking talents and his courage.

Seeing Jacob, that face that had been shrouded in frost all year round suddenly opened his eyes and smiled.

“Disciple, why are you here?” Master Zhantian sat on the Kongtong seal, but stopped practicing and looked at Jacob with a smile.

Jacob’s face was dark, shrouded in ice.

“Where is the evildoer?” Jacob asked.

Master Zhan Tian showed a stunned expression on his face and realized that the situation might be a bit serious, Zhan Tian walked off the Kongtong seal.

“Juer. Come with me.”

Master Zhan Tian brought Jacob to the backyard of the bamboo house.

The evildoer was sitting on a top teacher’s chair, with her hands and feet tied. Her shiny black hair was messy as a chicken coop at the moment, but the face of Qingcheng was rebellious and stubborn.

He originally hung his head, but when he saw Jacob’s black leather shoes, he slowly raised his head.

Master Zhantian moved his palm, and a huge palm force pushed the chair beside him in front of Jacob. Master Zhantian said: “Jue’er, if you are sitting, just ask him to vent any grievances. As the teacher, I won’t look at it. I’m going to practice.”

Jacob suddenly called to him, “Master.”

Master Zhantian stopped and turned back suddenly.

Although he is a heart-hearted apprentice who wants to accept Jacob, a person like Jacob who is talented and arrogant may not accept him as a master.

But just now Jacob called him Master, so natural, which made Master Zhantian very happy. The face of the immortal wind and bones smiled especially kindly.

“Thank you for saving Jas and Derek’s life.” Jacob thanked sincerely.

Master Zhantian laughed loudly.

“I like you more and more. Jue’er, you are not in the arena, but you have a chivalrous heart. Our children in the arena are most concerned about grievances and grievances. You have gratitude for gratitude, revenge for revenge, and love for your teacher.”

Jacob: “…”

What are you doing so far?

He had to bite the bullet and accept Master’s endless and beautiful words, “Thanks to Master’s praise.”

Master Zhantian was in a hurry to save the cold, and his arm was injured. Jacob didn’t know how to repay this kindness. After all, Master Zhantian has no desires and no desires. In the end, he thought about it, and what Master Zhantian wanted most was an apprentice. He followed his wishes.

Unexpectedly, Master Zhantian was as happy as a child.

“Oh, Jue’er, you are all my apprentices. Jas Derek is my apprentice and grandson. I should save them.” Master Zhantian has a bold personality, and these kinds of words make him speak coyly.

After speaking, Master Zhantian left.

The evildoer stared at Jacob speechlessly. This guy ran to him to apprentice, is it purely to add to his obstacles?

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