Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1216

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Chapter 1216

And this time!

Wen Qian also laughed presumptuously:

“Elvira, you guys, and dogs, you are really lucky! I didn’t expect that the head of Mercedes-Benz in Jiangnan is here. The old man is high-level in the province. Wait for your death!”

“Want to maimed us? I will see who will die first!”

“This is God’s eyes open, to clean up this couple!” Lee Sang Hyuk also laughed triumphantly, his eyes full of brutality.

They expected that Shaun and Elvira will end badly!

And the big guys there, seeing Hua Tiancheng’s arrival, were also extremely nervous!

This man, with a wealthy waist and a power standing behind him, is a hegemon in Jiangnan Province!

Status, second only to the four giants!

They can’t resist!

Hua Tiancheng’s hair is gray, and his eyes are sharp as eagles, revealing a kind of extreme majesty, which makes it impossible to look at him directly.

At this time, his face was gloomy, and he strode towards this side, aggressively.


Then Shu Lan greeted him extremely flatteringly and said:

“Mr. Hua, you can be regarded as a lifesaver. These two dogs dared to make trouble in our 4S shop and even ran into Li Ye Chen. We tried to persuade them. Who knew that instead of listening to persuasion, they planned to beat us. Can’t spare them lightly!”

Reverse black and white!

Shu Lan has been completely blinded by jealousy!

The loss of a large amount of commissions made him resent Shaun and Elvira, and now he intends to put them to death.

Seeing that Hua Tiancheng was there, Li Sang Hyuk also put on a high-profile appearance, and commanded Hua Tiancheng triumphantly:

“Hua Tiancheng, you help me kill these two bastards, my Jiangbei Li family will remember your kindness!”

At this moment, a horrifying scene suddenly happened in front of everyone.


Hua Tiancheng, the general manager of Mercedes-Benz Jiangnan, led the entire Mercedes-Benz Jiangnan executives at this moment and knelt down toward Shaun and Elvira!

At the moment when they saw this scene, the grinning smiles on the faces of Wen Qian, Li Xianghe, Shu Lan, and others were completely frozen!


It seems that after seeing Shaun and his wife, all the big people have to bow to their knees. This is incredible!

They couldn’t understand at all, what qualifications these two have that even Hua Tiancheng, bend his knees?

Could it be that they are really Jiangnan Communists?

Thinking of this terrible possibility, everyone there was panicked, and only felt that they had caused a catastrophe, that their death period was approaching, and they were in extreme panic.


The next words of Hua Tiancheng made them completely desperate!

They saw Hua Tiancheng kneeling respectfully with a deep fear on his face, begging Elvira:

“Miss Elvira, please forgive me!”

Behind him, a group of high-level officials all apologized and shouted all together:

“Miss Elvira, please forgive!”


Hearing this, Wen Qian and the others only felt that their scalp was numb and scared to death on the spot.


This world is crazy!

A super boss like Hua Tiancheng knelt down in front of Elvira pitifully, begging her for forgiveness?

The impact of this scene is so huge that it made them crazy!

At this time, the most shocking was Wen Qian.


She immediately slumped down on the ground, her entire face was instantly ashen, full of despair and panic.

That’s it! It’s all over!

These bigwigs may admit the wrong person, but how could Hua Tiancheng’s existence admit it?

What Shaun said is true, Elvira is really a Jiangnan Communist!

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