Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1233

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Chapter 1233


Hearing this, Yan Yutang only felt that his heart was about to stop suddenly, and urinated on the spot.

Kill you?

You are the man known as the Demon King, the king of the dignified blood prison, let alone me, even if we add ten great masters, we are not your opponent!

How dare I…

Thinking of this!

Yan Yutang knelt towards Shaun under the incredible gaze of everyone and kept apologies towards him with a frightened look.

“Sir, it’s me who has no eyes, it’s me who doesn’t want to live! Please, my lord, forgive me!”

“In front of you, I am the ant!”


He quickly reached out and patted his cheek fiercely.

Soon, a piece of blood appeared on his right cheek, and his face was directly cracked by this palm, which shows how terrified Yan Yutang is today.


However, he seemed to be desperate, the slap kept bowing left and right, and furiously waved towards his cheek.

In an instant, let his old face be covered with flesh and blood.


Seeing Yan Yutang kneeling down like a dog and begging for mercy, everyone there was dumbfounded.

How can this be?

Yan Yutang said with extreme confidence that killing Shaun was easy?

But why did he just kneel down?

Damn it, what happened!

Everyone went crazy the moment they saw this scene, each of them numbed their scalp and felt their heart beating wildly.

A of Xiaoxiao, kneel down?


This damn thing is an illusion!

Especially Xiao Tingjun!

When he saw his patron saint, the old man who had always been majestic and domineering, kneeled in front of Shaun like a dog begging for forgiveness, and even slapped himself on his face. He felt that his breathing was about to stagnate, as if at any moment.

Not only him!

Wen Qian and Li Sang Hyuk next to him were also completely petrified!

In their hearts, they suddenly had an ominous premonition!

“How could this happen? Shaun clearly injured Xiao DaYe Chen and humiliated Yan Lao in public. Why did Yan Lao kneel and apologize?”

Everyone’s eyelids jumped wildly, and they didn’t know what was going on and felt that their brains were about to explode.

The scene before them is driving them crazy.

What exactly is going on!


Xiao Tingjun was so ashamed that he shouted at Yan Yutang like crazy:

“Old Yan, are you crazy? He dared to hurt me, so you are apologizing to him?”

“I order you to kill him immediately!”

Unexpectedly, Yan Yutang didn’t do it, but screamed at Xiao Tingjun with a stern face:

“Shut up! Little beast, if you dare to be rude to him? You are looking for death!”

“Don’t say it’s you, even the entire Xiao family, in this person’s eyes, can be wiped out! Kneel down and apologize immediately, otherwise, you and the entire Xiao family will be wiped out!”

This one in front of me is the King of Blood Prison!

This is simply looking for death!


The horror of everyone suddenly reached the point where it could not be added!

Even the Xiao family is not an opponent of this guy?

How can this be?

This guy is a trash son-in-law!

This is not true! They must have heard it wrong!

After Xiao Tingjun heard Yan Yutang’s warning, instead of waking up, he still didn’t know how to repent.

His eyes were full of resentment, glaring at Yan Yutang:

“You dream! This scumbag dares to hurt me, and I must break him into pieces. Whoever dares to stop me will have to die!”

“And you, Yan Yutang! You, immortal, dare to betray my Xiao family?”

“You, I won’t let you go either!”

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