Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1234

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Chapter 1234


Yan Yutang sighed helplessly. Xiao Tingjun was too unruly, and he had been so obvious, but he was still stubborn.

In this case, the Xiao family can be said to be hopeless.


Just when the people’s views changed, the silence suddenly broke with a shout!

“Nalan’s house, the Great Elder is here!”


The audience was shocked!

The great elder of the Nalan family?

His status in the Nalan family is just like Yan Yutang’s status in the Xiao family.

And most importantly, he is Yan Yutang’s senior, and his strength is far above Yan Yutang!

Moreover, the Nalan family and the Xiao family have always had business contacts, and the cooperative relationship has lasted for more than 100 years. It can be said that both are brothers.

So at the moment when he heard the arrival of the Great Elder, Xiao Tingjun’s face clearly showed a smug look, and sneered at Yan Yutang:

“Yan Yutang, our brother is here, if I let him know that you dare to defend the two little thieves who stole the Blood Prison Queen’s necklace, he will definitely not let you go!”


Everyone was shocked.

Then there was a sinister smile on his face, and Shaun and Yan Yutang were staring at each other maliciously.

It turned out to be a good show, but now it’s about to begin!

Da da da…

Outside the door, there was a sound of footsteps!

Then, the Nalan family, headed by the great elder, stepped into the venue of the engagement party.

As soon as they appeared on the stage, the overbearing momentum swept the audience like the autumn wind sweeping leaves.

It made everyone there feel horror for no reason.

After seeing the arrival of the great elder and others, everyone there looked at Shaun, full of sarcasm and playfulness.

The Great Elder had just entered the arena when he saw Yan Yutang who was kneeling in front of Shaun and immediately realized that his junior brother might have offended Mr. Lin.


His face suddenly became gloomy, and he shouted angrily:

“What happened?”

“Brother, I…” Yan Yutang just wanted to explain.

However, Xiao Tingjun was the first to interrupt, and added fuel and jealousy to fan the flames:

“The Great Elder, Elvira, and Shaun, the two dogs, stole the Sealan Heart of the Blood Prison Queen. We plan to punish them severely.”

“But Old Yan atta instead of attacking Shaun, he turned back on the way, betrayed our Xiao family, and insisted on protecting these two little thieves. I think this movie is very likely to provoke the wrath of the blood prison.”

“So for the sake of the overall situation of our two families, I think they should be killed on the spot!”

At this time, Xiao Tingjun had completely lost his mind, and now he only wanted to smash Shaun.

“Xiao Tingjun, you!”

Yan Yutang was furious. He didn’t even dream of thinking that he had dedicated himself to the Xiao family for many years, but because of disobedience, Xiao Tingjun planned to put him to death.

At this time, Yan Yutang was also very nervous and wanted to explain now.

Because he knew the horror of his senior brothers, he couldn’t stop him with his own strength, not to mention that there was a group of powerful Nalan family behind him.

In this way, he worried that his brother would also make a big mistake!

“Brother, let me explain…”


The Great Elder interrupted roughly, his expression gloomy, and then step by step, he walked towards Yan Yutang.


The Great Elder is completely angry!

Seeing this!

Xiao Tingjun, Wen Qian, Li Xianghe, and others were so ecstatic that they wanted to applaud.

Because they knew that after Yan Yutang was cleaned up, Shaun would be next.


Yan Yutang was immediately kicked out by the great elder, his face instantly turned pale, and he raised his head to vomit blood.

Not waiting for Xiao Tingjun and the others to be happy, the next words of the great elder caused their mood to sink to the bottom in an instant!

They saw that the elder’s eyes were splitting, with murderous rage, staring at Yan Yutang:

“! Do you dare to attack Mr. Lin?”

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