Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1235

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Chapter 1235


Everyone’s expressions suddenly changed, and at this time they were all shocked!

Mr. Lin?

Did they mishear this?

The great elder taught Yan Yutang not because Yan Yutang protected Shaun, but because Yan Yutang attacked Shaun?


This is impossible!

This is must be wrong!

As the great elder, how could he know trash like Shaun?

How could he teach Mr. Yan for him?

However, the next scene completely frightened the unbelievable crowd.


They saw that the elder suddenly clasped his fists and bowed deeply to Shaun:

“Mr. Lin, if Mr. Yan has offended, please forgive me!”

“Mr. Lin, please forgive us!”

The Nalan family behind him also clasped their fists together and bowed to Shaun.

This scene is extremely respectful!


When everyone saw Nalan’s family bowing and saluting, they were all frightened.

How can this be?

You know, that’s Nalan’s family!

They are the behemoths of China, and the big consortium of wealth, even facing the Xiao family, they are in a high-level posture.

But now, is he so respectful to this Bai family’s son-in-law?

This is simply an illusion!

At this moment, everyone seems to be dreaming.

The panic in their hearts is extreme!

Could it be that Shaun has a terrifying background that they don’t know?

“No…impossible! It’s impossible!”

Incredible anger suddenly appeared on Xiao Tingjun’s face, and he immediately thought that the reason why the elder was so polite was because of Elvira’s identity.

“Elder, you let them cheat! Elvira is just a b!tch who can do her best, she is not a Jiangnan Communist at all!”

Can anyone do it?


Hearing Xiao Tingjun’s reckless insult, the elder was scared to pee on the spot.

These idiots didn’t know Shaun’s true identity, and how could he not know?

This mindless idiot, he dares to say that the woman of the king of blood is a b!tch who can do her best?

Damn it!

Xiao Tingjun was an idiot who didn’t know at all, that Shaun’s two words are enough to destroy the entire Xiao family!

It is even possible that the entire Jiangbei will be affected and turned into a sea of blood!

This is simply the extreme of death!


Everyone saw him in horror.

At this moment, the great elder thought to end the relationship in fear:

“Mr. Lin, our Nalan family, and Xiao family have a cooperative relationship. Their various actions have nothing to do with my Nalan family!”

Hearing this, everyone there trembled in fright.

“Is this a mistake? The Great Elder broke away from the Xiao family for this waste?”

“This is impossible! The Xiao family and the Nalan family have been working together for a hundred years, so how can they separate their relationship because of this waste?”

They just feel that their hearts are pounding and beating wildly as if they are about to have a heart attack.

However, even more, terrifying is still to come!

Seeing Shaun not speaking, the Great Elder suddenly broke into a cold sweat, thinking that Shaun would still not give up, even after gritting his teeth, he said in a deep voice:

“Also, from today on, our Nalan family will be completely cut off from the Xiao family!”


The moment they heard this, everyone was instantly stunned, and only felt horror from the soles of their feet rushing to the sky.

The Nalan family really intends to break ties with the Xiao family!

And it’s for Shaun, the ant!

This…what the hell is going on?

Not just them!

Wen Qian, Li Sang Hyuk, Xiao Tingjun, and others were all dumbfounded.

A waste, scared Yan Yutang!

Frightened the Nalan family!

This is simply a fantasy!

They looked at Shaun suddenly felt like they had seen a ghost.

What kind of terrifying background does this guy have?

And then!

Shaun smiled wildly and looked at Xiao Tingjun:

“He wants my wife to accompany him to bed, so I want him. He can’t be a man at all!”

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