Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1237

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Chapter 1237

“After fighting young and old one after another, I have to say, you really found a madman who knows nothing about life and death! I can assure you that after today, there will be no Shaun in China!”

Wen Qian sneered, again and again, her pretty eyes staring at Elvira with a strong lipotoxicity:

“And you, will also become Young Master Xiao’s plaything, tortured to death by him, hahaha!”

When Shaun humiliated Xiao Tingjun so much, Xiao Tingjun will definitely be counted on Elvira, which means that Elvira’s fate will be even more miserable!

At this time, Elvira’s face was also pale when she saw Xiao Youwei.

Strong anxiety emerged in her heart!

In particular, she felt Xiao Youwei’s strong murderous aura, and her whole body suddenly tightened to the extreme.


She shouted at Shaun:

“Husband, run!”


Everyone cast their contemptuous glances, secretly mocking Elvira’s innocence, can he run away now?

Wen Qian and Li Sang Hyuk laughed at the same time.

Since Xiao Youwei’s entry, Shaun and Elvira are destined to have only one end…

That’s death!

“Shaun, you scumbag, you tried to be arrogant? With the Nalan family backing you up, you thought you can kill me? In a moment, I want you to kneel in front of me like a dog!”

Xiao Tingjun had a hideous face and roared extremely bitterly:

“Also, I want you to stand and watch me play with your wife! Torture your wife! Hahaha!”


As soon as his voice fell, he received a heavy slap in the face.


After seeing this scene, everyone there involuntarily took a breath of air!

Because they were shocked to find that the person who shot turned out to be Xiao Youwei!

After Xiao Youwei arrived, he slapped his son first without saying a word.

Wen Qian is stunned!

Lee Sang Hyuk is dumbfounded!

All the people there were dumbfounded!

This…what the hell is going on?

For an instant, everyone felt that their hearts had missed a beat!

“Dad, what are you…”

And Xiao Tingjun also covered his face, looking at his father in disbelief, suddenly had an ominous premonition in his heart.

Especially, when he saw Xiao Youwei’s extremely gloomy face, he realized…

Something bad!

“Shut up! You beast! You dare to hit Miss Elvira, I think you are bored and crooked!”

Xiao Youwei was extremely angry, and shouted at Xiao Tingjun:

“I order you now to apologize to Miss Elvira immediately!”


Everyone, completely blown up!

Apologize to Elvira?

Didn’t they make a mistake?

The other party clearly beat Xiao Tingjun like this, but Xiao Youwei did not respond, he even ordered Xiao Tingjun to apologize to Elvira?


This is so special, it must be an illusion!

At this moment, everyone seemed to be dreaming and couldn’t believe their ears.

However, there is more to it!

Under the horrified eyes of everyone, Xiao Youwei bowed deeply to Elvira, and said in fear:

“Miss Elvira, I have no choice but to teach my son, who offended you! Please, Miss Elvira, your sire has a lot, let him go this time!”

“Before coming here, I also specially prepared 2 billion in cash, and I ask you to accept this compensation!”


In a respectful way, he handed over a bank card!

Two billion? ? ?

The audience is completely crazy!

Xiao Tingjun was beaten, but Xiao Youwei made him apologize and even took the initiative to pay 2 billion in compensation.

Seeing this, the eyes of everyone there were staring out!

What made Xiao Youwei such a hegemonic figure to be this humble?

Even Xiao Tingjun was taken aback for a moment, and then roared in extreme shame:

“Dad, are you crazy? Her rubbish husband beat me like this, and you asked me to apologize to that b!tch. This is absolutely impossible!”

“Unless I’m dead!”

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