Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1243

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Chapter 1243


Zhou Xiaoqin’s eyes suddenly brightened, she was the top female singer in China, and she was her idol.

Now, Kelly will appear here?

Are you dreaming?

But at this moment, Shaun stood up abruptly.

Seeing this!

Zou Xiaoqin suddenly became angry and scolded:

“Who allowed you to get up, get out of here, don’t think for a while that we know each other, this way I will lose my face!”

Shaun didn’t even look at her and beckoned to Kelly who was walking by the door.


Zou Xiaoqin suddenly sneered and said:

“Big brother, don’t you want to tell me, do you know Kelly?”

“She is top queen in the Chinese music scene. Don’t you see what you are? Do you deserve to know her?”

In an instant, the disgust and sarcasm on Zou Xiaoqin’s face became more and more intense.

“I don’t just know her, I will have dinner with her soon!”

Shaun smiled slightly.


Shaun’s words immediately stunned Zou Xiaoqin.

Going to dinner with Kelly?

Just you pauper?

What a joke!

Immediately, a touch of anger appeared in her eyes, and she coldly scolded:

“Are you kidding me? Just you, a poor ghost, are you worthy to have dinner with Kelly?”

“Do you know how much it costs to have a meal with her? One million! Just eat and do nothing. Even if that is the case, there are countless men lining up to invite her for this!”

“How about you? Do you have a million yaun?”

But just when Zou Xiaoqin was about to continue attacking Shaun with more vicious and harsh words.

That scene of astonishment appeared in front of her!

She saw Shaun not only beckoning, but also shouting loudly:

“Echen, here!”


Shaun’s words immediately stunned Zou Xiaoqin, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

Is this guy crazy?

He even dared to greet the divine queen directly, and even called her “Echen” so affectionately.

When the reaction came over, the disgust on Zou Xiaoqin’s face was extremely rich.

“You idiot, don’t drag me down, if you irritate Kelly, you can’t compensate for it!”

A poor ghost dared to speak to tease the queen, this is simply looking for death!

And now!

Kelly also noticed Shaun, but she saw a coquettish woman standing beside Shaun.


Due to jealousy, her face was completely gloomy, and she walked over aggressively.

Quite a bit, the meaning of Xingshi asked sin!

Seeing Kelly’s face, Zou Xiaoqin thought she was completely angry because of Shaun’s molesting.

At the moment, she stared at Shaun and gritted her teeth:

“Dead poor ghost, broom star, you have done a miserable thing!”

Seeing Kelly getting closer, Zou Xiaoqin greeted her with a smile on his face:

“Kelly, I…I don’t know him. Although he was my blind date, I didn’t even like him at all. He is a disgusting poor ghost!”


Poor ghost?

After that, Kelly suddenly became angry.


Kelly slapped hard on Zou Xiaoqin’s face.

She fell to the ground, and Zou Xiaoqin looks dazed, looking at Kelly strangely:

“Kelly, you…”

She never dreamed that Kelly, as a public figure and a queen-level existence, would be so unreasonable to beat people.

At this moment, Kelly’s eyes were full of anger:

“Even the man I can’t ask for, you say you don’t like it?”

“You, what a thing you are!”

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