Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1244

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Chapter 1244


Zou Xiaoqin covered her face, her eyes seemed to burst out!

Panic to the extreme!

At this time, she couldn’t believe her ears.

A man who can’t even ask a queen to date?

Just this dead poor ghost?

This… How is this possible?

It’s not just her.

After hearing Kelly’s shocking words, all the people there got petrified.

Their expressions completely became dull!

At this moment, they all stared at Shaun.

The diva is pursuing this seemingly ordinary man who is no longer ordinary. Are they dreaming?

Their goddess is so noble and beautiful, how can she fall in love with such a common man?

This is impossible!

At this moment, everyone’s eyes widened and they couldn’t believe their ears.

And Zou Xiaoqin was also completely stunned, she only felt her heart throbbing and beating wildly.

“Kelly, you…you mean you are pursuing this guy?”

“But he is just a poor ghost. Even want him for a blind date. You must be joking?”

All the people there also stared at Kelly with shock, as if eagerly waiting for her to give an answer.

As they all know, since Kelly’s debut, there was not any scandal of her. Many big wealthy and powerful people want to marry her, but Kelly ignores them.

But now, she openly confessed a mediocre man in the crowd?

This is so fantastic!

“Blind date?”

Kelly was stunned for a moment, then looked around and said in surprise:

“Brother Lin, are you here for a blind date?”

Shaun got stunned and only then saw a sign not far away that said, tonight here is a small blind date party.

He scratched his head in embarrassment:

“Sorry, I didn’t pay attention!”

“I’ll just say, how could your vision be this bad.”

Kelly snorted coldly, knowing that this woman has nothing to do with Shaun, her mood is better now.


Upon hearing this, Zou Xiaoqin’s face suddenly became gloomy:

“You…what do you mean?”

Kelly’s words clearly meant that she was not worthy.

“Nothing interesting, it’s just a simple feeling that you can’t like the man I can’t ask for…”

Kelly looked contemptuously and said:

“Hehe, lady, your vision is really good!”

This remark immediately resonated with her fans.


One by one she cast contemptuous glances at Zou Xiaoqin as if watching a joke.

“How can a woman who is passionate about herself, a man who makes the queen of heaven be tempted, and a blind date?”

“That is, how can a Phoenix favors a pheasant?”

“It’s shameless that she still has the face to look down on others! I guess they didn’t take her to heart at all. Compared with our Kelly, this kind of woman is like a world.”

In their opinion, Shaun must have an extremely terrifying background to be favored by Kelly.

But Zou Xiaoqin dares to despise him, she has no eyes!


Hearing Kelly’s sarcasm and the accusations from everyone, Zou Xiaoqin’s face suddenly became extremely ugly.

She only feels that her dignity and pride at this time are all crushed in an instant!

The man she despised, turned his head and was confessed by the queen in the crowd, which was a slap on her face!

At this time, she was ashamed to the extreme.

However, what Kelly said next made Zou Xiaoqin extremely embarrassed.

Kelly smiled slightly:

“Brother Lin, since people look down on you, you follow me. After all, she looks down on you, this means her future husband should be the head of a country. You have no chance.”


She ignored Zou Xiaoqin, who was already frantic to the extreme and pulled Shaun towards the box she had reserved.

In everyone’s ridiculed eyes, Zou Xiaoqin’s face suddenly showed a deep shame:

“Dogs, I will never let you go!”

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