Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1245

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Chapter 1245

For dinner with Shaun, Kelly has specially booked the best box in this hotel.

One night will cost her millions!

The two were seated one after another.

At this time, Kelly blushed involuntarily without knowing what she was thinking.

At last!

Kelly asked aloud as if plucking up courage:

“Brother Lin, you… what do you think of me?”


Shaun got taken aback.

And gave answer:

“You are very good, you have a good personality, and you are also beautiful!”

“I…I’m not asking this, I’m asking if you take me as a girlfriend?”

Kelly looked at Shaun expectantly, she had made up her mind that she would take Shaun no matter what.

Even if you can’t make it into the main room, it doesn’t matter to be a three.

Even so, it may seem shameless, but who made her poisoned by this man?

Except for Shaun, she could no longer fall in love with anyone else!

Shaun was taken aback, then smiled and said:

“You are a very good woman. You are brilliant, beautiful, and generous. You are deep in the quagmire of the entertainment industry, but you are still clean and pure!”

“If you become someone else’s girlfriend one day, you must be the perfect girlfriend!”

These words made Kelly’s eyes wet.

This is the most touching love story in the world!

This is the best award in the world!

She was more excited and ecstatic than she became a queen.

Because these words come from Shaun!

She tightly grasped Shaun’s hand with both hands, bit her lip firmly, not letting herself cry:

“Then if I say, I want to be yours…”


Before she finished speaking, the door of their box was suddenly kicked open.


A man and a woman rushed in, the man’s face was gloomy, and the woman’s face was contemptuous, both of them staring at Kelly.

The moment Kelly saw the man, Kelly’s face instantly turned pale, and deep anxiety and fear emerged.

It seems that the person who came is a scourge!

Mr. Mingzhe!

The eldest grandson of the Ming family!

The status of the Ming family in the capital is by no means comparable to that of the Zhang family. It is said that the three generations of the Ming family have a red background.

Unlike ordinary giants, they not only have money, they also have power!

Moreover, their power is overwhelming!

The most important thing is that the Ming family has another identity, that is, the No. 1 wealthy family in Beijing!


It’s no wonder that Kelly was so scared when she saw the other party.

“Kelly, you b!tch! I asked you so many times for a date, you refused and now you are eating with a wild man?”

The man jumped into a rage, and when he came up directly, he overturned the table and said arrogantly:

“In China, no one has ever dared to betray me, I think you are looking for death!”

“Mr. Mingzhe, are you crazy?”

A well-planned confession was ruined by Mr. Mingzhe, and Kelly even cried in anger.

“Oh, dare you to yell at me? Did you really leave yourself behind?”

Mr. Mingzhe sneered and said angrily:

“In the eyes of others, you are a queen! But in my eyes, you are an inferior actor. I want to play as much as I want with you!”

“If you did not agree I will beat you!”

When the words fell, Mr. Mingzhe raised his hand and waved it towards Kelly’s cheek.

Kelly screamed in fright, her pretty face turned pale, and her hands helplessly hugged her head, frightened to the extreme.

After waiting for a while, the expected slap did not arrive!

Kelly opened her eyes suspiciously, and when she saw that Shaun’s hand like iron tongs, clasping Mr. Mingzhe’s hand firmly.

There was already suffocation between the eyebrows, and he shouted:


Next moment!

Mr. Mingzhe retreated several steps violently, and then staggered and fell to the ground.

“Mr. Mingzhe, are you okay?”

The woman hurriedly helped Mr. Mingzhe, and at the same time turned her head back and stared at Shaun fiercely:

“You dog, dare to beat Mr. Mingzhe? Do you know who he is? He is the only seedling of the Ming family in Beijing, you are dead!”

And this time!

That Mr. Mingzhe stared at Shaun with an unbelievable expression. He was stunned for a long time before got consciousness.

“Are you Shaun?”

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