Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1251

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Chapter 1251

This statement came out!

Mr. Mingzhe and the others went crazy, their narrow and vicious eyes gathered on Shaun at this moment.


In their opinion, Shaun is a fool who is seeking death!

Isn’t it ridiculous?

For an instant, everyone looked at Shaun as if they were watching a joker.

But under everyone’s contemptuous eyes, Shaun smiled calmly, and the corner of his mouth curled up:

“I can!”

“Well, what are you waiting for? Please?”

Guo Ailun made a please gesture to Shaun, and the horror and murderousness in his eyes became more intense:

“Don’t let me down, or I will make you desperate today!”

Mr. Mingzhe and the others look a little bit cold because, in their eyes, Shaun was already dead.

Because Shaun could barely save his life if he played a piece that was enough to amaze Guo Ailun.

But that is impossible!

Shaun just walked towards the piano in the center of the hotel.

“What does this guy want? Does he wants to play?”

The hotel guests, seeing Shaun sitting on the piano chair, stopped and stared at him expectantly.


At this moment, everyone saw that Shaun pressed the key.

That rusty and unnatural appearance is as if the person who touched the piano for the first time was pressing in a funny way.

And this action immediately caused the audience to laugh!

“Hahaha! At this level? Really a master, bragging master!”

Seeing Shaun’s unfamiliar technique, Zou Xiaoqin laughed loudly.

“Do you want to be ashamed before you die? What a clown!”

Jiang Xin looked contemptuous. He thought that Shaun dared to be so arrogant. Maybe he has some real ability. Otherwise, how could he dare to refer to Guo Ailun as nothing?

Now it seems that this guy is just pretending to be forced!

His current level can only be compared with garbage!

And aside!

Seeing Mr. Mingzhe here, he showed a contemptuous expression of “it is true”, and then said to Guo Ailun:

“Uncle Guo, don’t listen to him anymore, this guy is just a joke! Kill him!”

Not just them!

Even the expectant guests were disappointed after hearing the first note played by Shaun.

Then they shook their heads and they all laughed.

“What is this? He dared to be on stage at this level?”

“What the hell is this guy doing? Is he insulting himself?”

And hearing everyone’s ridicule, Guo Ailun’s face was completely gloomy.

He was deeply aware that he had let this dog play tricks!

He doesn’t know anything about music at all, and now he’s just wasting time.


He suddenly waved his hand, intending to order his men to kill Shaun on the spot.


At the corner of Shaun’s mouth suddenly raised an arrogant smile, and then his eyes suddenly drenched.

Those ten fingers, at this moment, slammed extremely violently on the keyboard!

A harsh sound that seemed to tear the eardrum, cut through the entire hotel in an instant!

This voice is terribly harsh!

It’s like howling a ghost, with strong penetrating power!

Just this note made the audience fall into a dead silence, and everyone was suddenly sluggish.

But at this moment, there was a sudden rise in their hearts, and they looked at Shaun on the stage with extreme fear!

As if they are in hell!

At the same time!

Guo Ailun was completely scared and paralyzed at the moment that voice rang!

His face was suddenly ashamed!

As if seeing a ghost, he screamed hoarsely:

“This is impossible! This is impossible!!!”

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