Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1252

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Chapter 1252

Follow closely!

Shaun’s fingers fell crazily on the piano keys like raindrops.


A sonorous and powerful tone slammed into the ears of everyone there.

For a while, there was the heroic spirit of a golden horse, and for a while, it turned into a gloomy and terrifying sense of killing, and for a while, it was crazy and violent.


At this time, everyone felt an extreme sense of oppression. The rhythm of the moment was so weird, it seemed to merge all the styles together, it seemed extremely chaotic!

But it doesn’t make people feel abrupt but makes people feel the song more intuitively…

Crazy and dark!

“I don’t want to listen anymore!”

A girl screamed in extreme pain, covered her ears, and stumbled out.

She is scared to cry due to this song!

Not just her!

Everyone there at this time got immersed in the crazy and dark mood of this tune, like hell!

Hearing this familiar tune, Guo Ailun immediately trembled like an electric switch, staring at Shaun in horror:

“Really a sonata from hell!”

And now!

Jiang Xin was also very frightened, and asked with a trembling voice:

“Master Guo, what is a hell sonata?”

She had never listened to such weird piano music, which made people never want to listen to it for a moment.

It’s not because it’s bad, on the contrary, it’s very melodious.

In this tune, there is a devilish melody hidden, and every note makes the scalp numb.

Guo Ailun’s face was pale, and he smiled bitterly:

“Hell sonata, the most difficult and scariest piano music in the world!”

“So far, no one has been able to listen to the entire piece of this music, and even this piece of music has caused thousands of suicides, and has been banned worldwide!”

“This song is hailed as an invitation to the devil!”

This tune has caused thousands of people to commit suicide?

Everyone who heard this shuddered at this moment, and a frightening horror suddenly appeared in their hearts.


At this time, Mr. Mingzhe swallowed fiercely, and a touch of terror suddenly appeared in his eyes:

“This is impossible! That is an evil song composed by the legendary demon king, it is impossible to exist!”

Because this song is too horrible and evil, the outside world is crazy, people say that this hell sonata was created by the devil.

Guo Ailun shook his head and said:

“That’s just a fabrication. The owner of this song is not a demon at all, but a strange person!”

“Who is he?”

A group of people immediately asked all together.

Guo Ailun stopped talking, his eyes full of shocking and he stared at Shaun.

The piano music stopped abruptly.

Because Shaun had already noticed that the pupils of many people there had shrunk sharply and became reddish.

If he continued to play, something bad will happen for sure.

Withdrawing from the horrible melody, everyone immediately felt relieved and realized that their entire back was completely wet with cold sweat.

Then, a sorrowful smile appeared on their faces.


This is the world’s number one magic song.
It really is terrible!

And just now!

Guo Ailun seemed to be crazy, and suddenly shouted at Shaun:

“Hell Sonata, recognized as the most difficult piece of music in the music industry, countless master pianists all over the world failed after trying to play it!”

“How did you play this tune?”


In an instant, everyone’s horrified eyes gathered on Shaun.


At the corner of Shaun’s mouth, a wicked smile was drawn, and a word that made the audience feel terrified.

“Because I am the author of the Hell Sonata!”

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