Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1253

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Chapter 1253


When Shaun’s words sounded, Mr. Mingzhe and others, as well as the guests there, trembled fiercely.

Shaun’s fluttering words were like thunder at this moment, completely blasting the entire hotel!

“Is this man the demon king who wrote the legendary murder song?”

“This first magic song, which is known as the world’s most difficult to play, turned out to be the work of a young man in his twenties? This…how is it possible!”

“This is absolutely impossible! Such a terrible tune cannot be created by an ordinary person at all. He must be a devil!”

At this moment, the entire hotel was completely chaotic.

Everyone was horrified to the extreme.

Huh huh!

All eyes were gathered on Shaun, with deep fear as if looking at a devil!

However, the most shocking is Mr. Mingzhe!

This guy can play the piano?


They ridiculed Shaun in every possible way.

But the “Hell Sonata” played by Shaun just now caused all of them to subvert their view, and the shock in their heart was instantly pushed to the peak.

Let them feel that all this is simply a fantasy!

“Are you really the creator of the Hell Sonata, the Mysterious Mr. X?”

At this time, Guo Ailun no longer had the arrogance he had before, his face flushed with excitement, and he walked towards Shaun.

The author of the Hell Sonata is a legend for the entire music world. No one knows who he is, so they collectively named him…

Mysterious Mr. X!

And this time!

Guo Ailun is like an avid fan, seeing the idol he has been passionate about for many years, and his expression is full of admiration.

And now!

Shaun smiled arrogantly:

“Besides me, no one can play the Hell Sonata.”


The moment Guo Ailun heard this, he could no longer suppress his worship, and suddenly knelt down towards Shaun.

He looked at Shaun with tears in his eyes, and his voice was trembling with excitement:

“Sir, you are the myth of the entire music industry, and no one can surpass the legacy you have created so far!”

“I finally saw you!”


Seeing this, everyone there was sluggish and looked at Guo Ailun with an incredible expression.

The dignified music master, Guo Ailun, the creator of the Queen of Heaven, knelt in front of this gentleman.

They all dazzling.

For a moment!

Everyone, there was shocked to the extreme!

Because of Guo Ailun’s attitude, they can completely affirm that Shaun is the author of the Hell Sonata!

At this time!

Shaun looked at Guo Ailun indifferently:

“I said, I am a master among masters, now you recognize it?”

“I said, you are not worthy of lifting my shoes, do you understood it now?”


“I admit it! I take it!”

Guo Ailun nodded hurriedly, then apologize to Shaun, humbly to the extreme:

“Before I had no eyes and offended you, sir. Please sir forgive me!”

If the other party is really the mysterious Mr. X, then it is not an exaggeration to call him a master among the masters, and indeed he does not even have the qualifications to lift his shoes.

Mr. Mingzhe who saw this scene went crazy!

The patron he invited is now kneeling to the bastard who has caused humiliation for him. How can he accept this?

The resentful anger completely burned his sanity.

In the next moment, he roared in an extremely hysterical manner:

“Impossible, this is impossible!”

“This guy is trash, how could he be the creator of the Hell Sonata?”

There were endless viciousness and hatred in his eyes, staring at Shaun:

“Guo Ailun, I order you! Kill this crap immediately!”


Upon hearing this, Guo Ailun’s expression turned gloomy to the extreme!

“Offending Mr. X is tantamount to being an enemy of the entire music industry…”

“Do you want him to die?”

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