Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1254

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Chapter 1254


After hearing these words, the audience was immediately shocked to the extreme!

Shooting this young man is tantamount to being an enemy of the entire music industry?

Did they have auditory hallucinations?

Just one person, how can it be possible to have such energy, enough to affect the entire music industry?

Mr. Mingzhe and others were completely scared!

“It’s impossible. You must be joking!”

Mr. Mingzhe was completely stunned and couldn’t believe his ears.

This person can influence the entire music industry?

Even Guo Ailun can’t dare offend him?

How could this waste have such a terrible background?


Guo Ailun sneered suddenly and said:

“The Hell Sonata, since its appearance, has caused a sensation in the entire music world! It took only half a year to reach the top of the world’s top song and is sought after and admired by countless master musicians!”

“And its creator is even regarded as a god and legend by all masters, a master among real masters! Do you know how many people have been searching for his whereabouts over the years?”

“If you let them know that I offended such existence, then Guo Ailun, from now on, I will be removed from the music industry forever!”

These words just fell!



Drops of cold sweat dripped from the foreheads of Jiang Xin and Zou Xiaoqin. At this time, they were scared to pee.

Shaun, has such a terrifying background?

And they dare to humiliate Shaun?

This is simply looking for death!

It is hard for them to imagine that the rubbish that was just ridiculed by them in every possible way suddenly became an existence they couldn’t afford to offend.

Even Guo Ailun had to bow down, then they…

At this moment, they all have an urge to cry.

Mr. Mingzhe, who had lost his reason, still retorted with reddish eyes:

“Impossible! I don’t know what you talking about? He was a waste in all his life, you must be mistaken!”

“In my opinion, he just happened to know this song, it’s not what you said Mr. X at all!”

“Even if he really is what Mr. X, isn’t he just a piano player? If he offends me, he still has to die!”

Seeing this!

Guo Ailun shook his head without explaining anything.

He could also see that Mr. Mingzhe had lost his reason, and no matter what he said at this time, he would not believe it.


Guo Ailun’s face sank and scolded:

“Needless to say, I won’t take a shot at him!”

“Similarly, I won’t let you act against him as well!”

Mr. X is the idol of all musicians and is regarded as the saint of the music industry!

Even Guo Ailun is the same, admiring him to the extreme, so he will never allow anyone to hurt his idol.


Mr. Mingzhe became angry immediately, and a touch of resentment appeared in his eyes:

“Guo Ailun, call you uncle, you are shameless!”

Guo Ailun, who had come to help him, made a friendship with Shaun, which made Mr. Mingzhe feel that he was slap in the face.

“You are dismissed!”

Guo Ailun’s face was cold, but he directly ordered to chase off the guests, not willing to talk nonsense with Mr. Mingzhe.


Mr. Mingzhe’s pupils shrank fiercely, and the hatred in his eyes became stronger again.

He didn’t even dream that the other party would be so merciless, and for Shaun, he would not hesitate to offend their Ming family.


Guo Ailun is crazy!

At this moment, Guo Ailun’s bodyguards unkindly surrounded Mr. Mingzhe and others.

Seeing this, Zou Xiaoqin and Jiang Xin were scared to pee on the spot, and their faces instantly turned pale!

“Young Master, what shall we do?”

At this time, even Mr. Mingzhe’s expression was so gloomy that he had never been so ashamed since he was a child.

However, at this moment!

“Excuse me, is Shaun here?”

A question came from the door of the hotel suddenly.

Mr. Mingzhe looked around, and when he saw the group of people standing at the door, his pupils suddenly shrank.

Li family?

Looking for Shaun?

He suddenly remembered in his mind that Li Sang Hyuk, the son of the Li family, was beaten some time ago, and the name of the assailant seemed to be Shaun?

Now it seems that he is the same person!

Now the reason why the Li family came here, must be to avenge!

Right now, a sinister smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and he laughed maliciously:

“It seems that the show is just about to begin!”

In the instant, he rushed towards the Li family and shouted:

“Shaun, the assailant is here!”

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