Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1264

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Chapter 1264


Everyone immediately started at Shaun with the look of seeing a ghost.

Did they mishear this?

This guy, knowing that Mr. Mingzhe is interested in his wife, still actively agreed to Mr. Mingzhe’s invitation?

This, can’t wait to cuckold?


A playful smile appeared on the faces of everyone there.

At this time, Mr. Mingzhe cast a contemptuous look at Shaun.

Is this guy planning to have a head-on contest with him?


Leaving Elvira, aren’t you Shaun a sh!t? Why fight with him?

“Elvira, since Shaun has already agreed, why are you hesitating?”

Mr. Shen was quickly reprimanded, his face was full of smiles, and now he is also trying his best to match Elvira and Mr. Mingzhe.

“Well, I’ll go!”

Hearing these words!

Everyone glanced at Shaun maliciously, as if watching a big joke.

In their opinion, Shaun was sending his wife to Mr. Mingzhe’s bed!


“Is Mr. Lin there?”

Just now!

A group of people asked respectfully at the door, their faces full of flattery.

“You are…”

Master Shen and others were stunned and looked at them puzzled.

A middle-aged foreigner with a smile:

“I am the person in charge of the Golden Summit Jewelry Exhibition, my name is Timis, and I am here to pick Mr. Lin to attend the exhibition!”


The brains of everyone there were suddenly blank, and there was a deep shock!

The man in front of them is the person in charge of the Golden Summit Jewelry Exhibition.

Blood Lord’s subordinates?

Did he visit their Shen’s house in person?

They are a little Shen family, and they don’t even have the qualifications to make such a person look at them, but now the other party visited their house.

For them, it is like a dream.

And many more!

Timis said that he came to pick up Mr. Lin for the exhibition?


Everyone’s pupils suddenly shrank, and then all of them looked towards Shaun.

Because in the Shen family there is no Lin, there is only Shaun surnamed Lin!

Timis, are you here to find Shaun?

How is this possible?

Hearing these words!

Old man Shen’s face also showed a strong look of loss:

“Mr. Timis, I think you have misunderstood. Our Shen family does not have a Mr. Lin!”

Everyone in the Shen family also showed disappointing expressions one after another, and it seemed that the other party was not here to look for them at all.

As for Shaun…

How could this trash son-in-law be the person Timis was looking for?


Timis was also stunned, but he received an order from the four masters to come here to meet Mr. Lin.

Unexpected things happened!

“Hahaha! Grandpa Shen, he is here to find me!”

At this time, under everyone’s horrified eyes, they saw Mr. Mingzhe come out laughing.

“It’s you?”

Everyone was stunned, looking at Mr. Mingzhe in disbelief, but isn’t his surname Ming?

How could he be Mr. Lin?

Seeing everyone’s doubts, Mr. Mingzhe smiled triumphantly:

“Just yesterday, the second Ye Chenlin Zekun of the Lin family has officially given me the honor of surname Lin!”

“In other words, I am now a member of the Lin family, and on the day Lin Zekun ascends the position of Patriarch, ME in the Lin Family, will be the only person above 10,000!”


Upon hearing this, the audience was shocked!

Mr. Mingzhe, is already a member of the Lin family?

Even the Lin Family’s second Ye Chenlin Zekun promised that he would be in charge of the Lin Family’s power in the future?


The faces of everyone are also full of worship.

Especially the women of the Shen family, with such an exciting look, as if they wished to swallow Mr. Mingzhe.

He is lord of the future!

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