Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1265

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Chapter 1265

Who will marry him!

In the future, she will become the noblewoman of the Lin family, with power over the world!

Even the elders such as Mr. Shen stared at Mr. Mingzhe with excitement.

Mr. Mingzhe was from prominent family background, but now he is highly valued by the Lin family, and his future is even more bright. He is simply a dragon and a phoenix.

“As expected of Young Master Mr. Lin, he just has the ability! Even Jinding has to invite him personally!”

Cuiping hurriedly to please, and at the same time looked at Shaun contemptuously:

“Much better than some waste! It’s like a world!”

“No, there is a Rolls-Royce car parked outside, and the red carpet has been pulled over a hundred meters. It’s so magnificent! I have never enjoyed this super luxury treatment in my life!”

“Golden Ding personally greeted him, Mr. Mingzhe really has a face, and our Shen family is also covered by his light, so many years of such a beautiful scenery.”

“Nonsense, you don’t look at who Mr. Mingzhe is, the future ruler of the Ming family, and the future top-level executives of the Lin family, even Jinding has to curry favor!”

Everyone flattered and complimented Mr. Mingzhe.

At this moment, everyone felt that Jinding must have come to Mr. Mingzhe.

And now!

Mr. Mingzhe also raised his head proudly, like a rooster that has been fighting for a long time. At the same time, he looked down at Shaun, his eyes full of contempt.

It looks like:

“Seeing the waste, this is the gap between you and me!”

And now!

Seeing Mr. Mingzhe’s posture, Cuiping suddenly smiled sinisterly and said:

“You compare this rubbish to Mr. Mingzhe, aren’t you insulting Mr. Mingzhe?”

However, there is more to it!

In the instant, Cuiping looked at Elvira and said with a smile:

“Cousin, this is a great opportunity for you! It’s rare that Young Master Mr. Mingzhe doesn’t dislike you as a broken shoe. Why don’t you just dump Shaun? If you miss this opportunity, you will regret it!”


Elvira trembled with anger and wanted to scold him.

But right now!

A voice that shocked everyone resounded:

“How can you be sure that they are here for you?”


The moment the words fell, everyone, there was completely stunned.

Then one after another stared at Shaun with extremely stunned eyes.

When the reaction is over!

Everyone in the Shen family was full of anger.

Especially Cuiping yelled:

“What kind of thing are you, is there any place for you to speak here?”

On the side, Cuiping even sneered:

“I didn’t come to him, is it possible that I came to you?”

As soon as he said that, the contempt on everyone’s faces became more intense!

Come to find Shaun? Unless Jinding is crazy!

But at this time!

Shaun shrugged and said casually:

“Perhaps, you are really here for me?”


The audience seemed to be turned on the mute switch!

There was dead silence in an instant.

Everyone’s eyes widened and their faces were dumbfounded. At this moment, they wondered if they had heard it wrong.

Shaun said that Jinding is here for him?

When everyone at the scene reacted, everyone heard a big joke, they all burst into laughter.

Then, to Shaun, viciously humiliated:

“Just relying on your trash, what qualifications do you have to be invited by Jinding?”

“Hahaha, what an idiot! The golden roof is backed by the blood tea, which belongs to the property of the king of the blood prison. Anyone who can be invited by him must be the top power, and you said that they would invite a waste like you?”

“Such a shameless person, I have never seen such a person in my whole life! Even he is useless, he likes to run the train with his mouth full. Elvira is really blind to marry such a waste.”

When this sneer and insult came out.

The Baishan family, at this time, also felt ashamed and lost their faces. Shaun’s words were too exaggerated.

At the same time!

Father Shen was also extremely angry, while staring at Shaun he said:

“Damn trash, get out of my house! Get out now!”

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