Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1266

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Chapter 1266

Seeing Shaun’s humiliation, Mr. Mingzhe was crazy happy.

But on the surface he was pretending to be generous:

“Grandpa Shen, forget it!”

“This brother is afraid that he has never been so amazing in his life. It is not a big deal to let him pretend to feel the position of the rich.”

“Let’s go to the exhibition as soon as possible, don’t let Mr. Timis wait too long.”

Old man Shen just snorted, but still said in disgust:

“It’s not about pretending! Waste is waste! You only deserve to be trampled underfoot for a lifetime!”

He didn’t look at Shaun again and left towards the door.

“Shaun, can you shut up, don’t you think it’s embarrassing enough?”

Elvira was a little annoyed and complained to Shaun, only feeling extremely ashamed.

Shaun’s lie would only add to the ridiculousness, it also makes their family a laughingstock.

Shaun opened his mouth and only smiled helplessly.


A group of people walked out the door and got in the cars one after another.

When it was Shaun’s turn, Mr. Mingzhe stopped in front of him in an instant and said:

“Brother, I’m really sorry, I have no ticket for you, so you can’t come with us. Anyway, you can’t afford it as well, it’s shame and conspicuous!”

This is intentional!


On the spot, everyone in the Shen family burst into laughter, and it was hard to see that Mr. Mingzhe was deliberately finding ways to humiliate Shaun.

“Shaun, I think Mr. Mingzhe is right. Anyway, you can’t afford it even as you are so poor, so go home and wash dishes and sleep!”

Cuiping smiled schadenly, and added in her heart:

When you wake up, there will be a green cap on your head!

And Mr. Shen directly ordered:

“Let him go back! If we took him with us then we will lose our faces.”

Hearing these words!

Elvira suddenly felt uncomfortable, and she wanted to get out of the car.

Shaun put his hand on the back of her hand, smiled, and shook his head at her:

“In a moment, we will meet at Jinding!”


At this moment, the Shen family looked at Shaun as if they were looking at a madman.

Does this guy still want to go to Jinding?

What do you think of Jinding, is that cats and dogs can enter easily?

What a joke!

To them, Shaun was bragging.

Just as he said Jinding invited him, he was so shameless!


Even Elvira didn’t believe it, showing a hesitant look:

“But you…”

Shaun smiled:

“Don’t worry, as I said I will be there. After all, Jinding can’t live without a master!”


Upon hearing this, everyone was stunned.

They didn’t know what Shaun’s words meant.

“Then shall we see you at Jinding?”

Mr. Mingzhe dropped a word contemptuously and then asked Timis to start the car and leave Shen’s house.

Looking at the caravan going away, Shaun’s mouth suddenly formed a cold smile, then pulled out the phone and dialed a number.

About an hour later, the convoy stopped at the gate of the Golden Summit Jewelry Exhibition Center.

And now!

There were already hundreds of people, all gathered at the door. Seeing Mr. Mingzhe and the others getting off the car, they immediately bowed respectfully:

“Welcome to Mr. Lin!”

Even at the door, there was an extremely luxurious golden sign, which read: Welcome Mr. Lin!

Mr. Shen and others had never seen such a formation before, and they were stunned.

“That’s Ye Chendong from the Song family in Jiangbei! A billionaire in his early twenties!”

“Province No. 1 in Jiangnan, is he also here?”

“Tongzhou, Jiangzhou, Tianyu City, and the richest people in the three cities are also bowing to us!”

They couldn’t believe their eyes!

At this moment, the big masters from Jiangnan and Jiangbei were halfway there, and each of them nodded and bowed in their direction!

Respect to the extreme!

This moment!

Even Mr. Mingzhe was dumbfounded. He never thought that he was so famous so that so many powerful people were here waiting for him to come!

This is simply a dream!

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