Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1280

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Chapter 1280


Upon hearing this, everyone there was completely dumbfounded!

The four masters, knowing that Shaun stole the stuff of the king of the blood prison, and they still want to protect him?

Are they not afraid of the Lord of the Blood Prison to blame?

This is crazy!

Especially when Tai Gong Shen and others saw that the four masters were mainly targeting Cuiping together, they seemed to have seen a ghost one by one!

“He is clearly a thief! You guys…”

Everyone in the Shen family felt that their hearts were throbbing and beating wildly at this moment!

At this moment, a wave of fierce murderous aura madly rose from the bodies of the four masters.

Cuiping, dare to insult their king and queen, it’s damn!

Seeing this!

Cuiping’s expression was extremely contemptuous!

“Who is she scaring! This woman is a slt, holding a stolen necklace and swaggering through the market, what is it that if she is not a slt?”

“Dare you try to touch one of my hair? If you dare to touch me, then you are shielding this thief, the King of Blood Prison will never let you go!”


As soon as the voice fell, the gunfire sounded!

A stream of blood-spattered from Cuiping’s hand!


Immediately, there was a heart-piercing scream!

Under everyone’s horrified eyes, they saw Cuiping sitting on the ground, covering her arm with one hand, screaming in pain.

A pretty face, completely white!


Seeing this scene, everyone there suddenly numbed their scalp!

Then they looked at the man who shot in horror…

Ye Shihao!

They saw a strong fierce color on his face:

“He shot!”

Ok? ? ?

Everyone suddenly got frightened, and went crazy at this moment!

Ye Shihao shot!

Does he want to kill Cuiping?

This is tantamount to standing on the opposite side of the King of Blood Prison. The four great masters are looking for death!

“Ye Shihao, you are bold!”

Upon seeing this, Mr. Mingzhe also felt ashamed and yelled at Ye Shihao.

Ye Shihao dare to shot the person he wants to protect?

This is hitting him in the face!

“Damn you! Damn!!!”

Cuiping also roared hysterically, with deep hatred in her eyes.

These idiots wound her for such a b!tch and thief?

Damn it!

It’s damn!


She roared:

“This shot has made you stand on the opposite side of the King of Blood Prison, you are completely over! Wait for death!”

Everyone there also cast pity on the four Patriarchs including Ye Shihao.

They couldn’t understand the behavior of the four masters, and it was a dead end.

In this way, even if Da Luo Jinxian descended to the earth, he would not be able to save them.

However, at this moment!

The scene that horrified everyone there happened.


The four masters together knelt towards Elvira and said:

“Please order from the Jiangnan Communist Party to punish this woman!”


When the words of the four great masters fell, the entire exhibition center fell into a strange silence!

Everyone’s expressions were distorted by shock!

Jiangnan Communist, Elvira? ? ?


This world is crazy!

Especially the Shen family, after hearing the shocking words, went to complete shock on spot.

Their eyes were bursting!

The panic is too extreme!

Elvira, turned out to be the mysterious Jiangnan Communist Party?

Rise overnight, dominate the existence of the four masters!

How can this be?

At this moment, Cuiping’s resentful and angry face completely solidified at this moment.

Everyone in the audience was dumbfounded at this moment!

Except for Shaun!

They saw a brutal arc at the corner of his mouth:

“The atmosphere is so dull, let’s kill someone to cheer up!”

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