Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1291

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Chapter 1291

Just for Wan Jinrong, he couldn’t help being shocked.

There were thick consternation and panic in his eyes. He couldn’t believe that Li Huairen would be so mad that he planned to fight with him?

If he died here today, then the Li family would also be violently retaliated against by Universal Group.

Just for the two old guys with unknown origins, want to fight with them to the end?

This is simply incredible!


In Wan Jinrong’s heart, a strong and ominous premonition emerged.

Looking at Baishan and Paula with horrified eyes, this two old trash, do they have any terrible background?

In the instant, his face was extremely gloomy, thinking whether to abandon Xiangru Li.

But right now!

An extremely arrogant voice resounded from the door of the bank!

“The Li family, what a majesty!”


When everyone heard this, they all looked towards the door.

Then, they saw a young man wearing a coat and looking awkward standing at the door, exuding a kind of extravagance that is unique to the superior.

At this moment, the young man mocked Li Huairen condescendingly, and said sarcastically:

“People who don’t know, I’m afraid they think that your Li family is the master of Jiangbei!”


Hearing this, everyone there was completely stunned!

What is the origin of the person who dares to speak rudely to the dignified Li Family Patriarch?

This is too arrogant, right?

At this moment, everyone was shocked.

When they saw limousines, neatly and uniformly parked in front of the bank, and behind the unique license plate…

There was a look on everyone’s faces as if they had seen a ghost.

“The white Beijing car? It’s a serial number? What a big man is he?”

“Zhang’s family! This is Zhang’s caravan!”

“What? The Jingcheng Zhang Family? How could they appear in Xiaoxiaojiang City?”

Everyone was completely shocked!

The cars in front of them are owned by the Beijing giant Zhang family!

A capital city is a place where the heroes are fighting for competition, but as long as the forces can make it into the capital city, no one is waiting!

And this family, although it belongs to the middle and lower riches of the capital, but out of the capital, it is powerful and unstoppable!

“He is Zhang’s grandson, Lei Zhang!”

One person exclaimed, telling the identity of the young man.


After hearing this exclamation, everyone felt like their brains were turned blank.

They can’t believe it!

Among the small branches of the Global Bank, several big figures appeared one after another, and their identities were more terrifying.

This is incredible!

Right now, everyone looked at Lei Zhang in awe.

This is the real master!

And they have all heard that Lei Zhang is a powerful competitor for the Zhang Family Patriarch, and more than 80% of the Zhang Family members support him as Patriarch.

In other words, he is the future Zhang Family Patriarch!

Li Huairen’s face suddenly darkened when he saw him.

There was a sudden bad feeling in his heart.

Although he is also the owner of a wealthy family, he can only be regarded as a local snake at best, but the Zhang family who ranks among the wealthy in Beijing is a veritable dragon.

Li Huairen walked out of Jiangbei, he is sh!t!

But Lei Zhang walked out of the capital, he can still afraid the whole country!

This is the gap!


Seeing Lei Zhang standing on the opposite side of him, he became a little uneasy.

And when Wan Jinrong saw Lei Zhang’s arrival, he was overjoyed, and greeted him with a flattering expression:

“Ye Chen Zhang, you are here! The 100 billion loan you want, I have prepared it for you!”

“President Wan, don’t worry! Before I get a loan, I want you to help me remove these two old pieces of rubbish…”

Lei Zhang gave a vicious smile, and then cast a malicious look at Baishan and Paula.


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