Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1292

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Chapter 1292


At the moment they heard this, Baishan and Paula suddenly trembled, their faces completely pale, and they almost fainted on the spot.

“We don’t even know you, why do you want this?”

Drops of cold sweat gradually wetted the backs of Paula and Baishan, causing them to cry.

This was the first time they met Lei Zhang. Does Lei Zhang want to kill them?

Hearing these words!

Lei Zhang’s face suddenly showed a thick hatred, and he scolded:

“You don’t know me, I know you! You are the father-in-law of Shaun bastard, right?”

“That dog thing has spoiled my good deeds over and over again, I can’t wait to break him into pieces!”

If it weren’t for Shaun, he would have killed the b!tch Kelly, and he would become the head of the Zhang family!

But because of Shaun’s appearance, he lost his face and suffered shame!

He hates Shaun already!


The corner of Lei Zhang’s mouth raised a smirk, and said viciously:

“So as you meet me today, you can only be considered unlucky! If you are to blame, I will blame you. You found a good son-in-law!”

He didn’t expect that when he came to the Global Bank for a loan, he would meet Shaun’s family by chance.


Just send Shaun a meeting gift!



Baishan and Paula were dumbfounded on the spot!

There was a deep shock in their eyes, and they couldn’t believe their ears.

This… how is this possible?

Shaun, just a waste person, how could he be qualified to offend a young man like Lei Zhang?

And now!

Wan Jinrong and Xiangru Li were overjoyed when they heard that Lei Zhang and Baishan and Paula had an enmity.

This is simply God’s help!

Now, with Lei Zhang supporting them, do they need to be afraid of Li Huairen?


Their faces are full of disdain!

Especially Xiangru Li!

Yelled proudly:

“Li Huairen, I think the damn thing is not us, but you?”

“Do you dare to save the person Zhang Ye wants to deal with? You really don’t know how to live or die. Now you knelt down and apologize, maybe there is still a way to survive!”

On the side, Jian and Cui Ping were happy and crazy. They had never dreamed that Shaun would die in such a way and that he had dared to offend Lei Zhang and other big and powerful people.


In this way, Paula and Baishan would be out of luck without them.

Immediately, they were gloating and laughing, looking forward to the scene of their howling in pain.

At this time!

Almost everyone believed that Li Huairen would definitely bow his head.

After all, the Li family and the Zhang family are incomparable. If Li Huairen insists on offending, it is a dead end.

Even the Xiao family can’t keep them!

The Xiao family can’t keep them, but it doesn’t mean that Shaun can’t keep them either.

Therefore, Li Huairen’s face was not panicked at all, but there was thick ridicule:

“Lei Zhang, don’t blame me for not reminding you. If you dare to beat the couple today, there will be no Zhang family in this world tomorrow!”


When everyone heard this, they trembled fiercely, and at this moment their eyes seemed to fall off.

After beating Paula and Baishan, the Zhang family will disappear completely tomorrow?

At this moment, their eyes widened, they looked at Li Huairen with a look of seeing a ghost, and they couldn’t believe their ears.

Given the Zhang family’s ability, there are still people in Jiangshi who can dare to beat them?

How can this be?


However, Lei Zhang laughed disdainfully:

“Really? I want to try it!”

As Zhang’s elder, he can’t touch that wasteful family?

He doesn’t believe this is evil!

“Li Huairen, do you want to stop me?”

Lei Zhang smiled contemptuously, staring at Li Huairen with scorching eyes:

“You are not qualified enough!”

When this voice fell, another extremely cold voice sounded from the door:

“He is not qualified, but I think I’m.”

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