Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1295

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Chapter 1295

Hearing this!

That Xiangru Li got stunned, and her face instantly turned pale.

She has not seen the Universal Custom Card, but she has heard of it.

Rumor has it that holders of this card are all top senior executives in a country and must be treated respectfully all over the world.

But this waste exists like this?

This is simply unimaginable!

Wan Jinrong’s remarks made everyone there in an uproar.

Even Lei Zhang feels astonished at this moment.

However, this is just the beginning!

“Don’t speak? Is that not qualified?”

Shaun sneered, and then threw out another card:

“So this one is enough?”


Seeing another card thrown out, Wan Jinrong was about to pee in shock, his legs trembled frantically.

Those eyes seemed to be split, looking at the card on the ground in disbelief, shaking violently:

“Board of Directors card?”


In the entire bank, the air seemed to have frozen.

All the guests were dumbfounded and frightened!

Director card, they have heard of it!

Is that a card that can only be owned by the top executives of the Universal Group and the members of the board of directors?

The whole bank issued only ten copies!

This cardholder can order all global banks in the world and mobilize funds below 100 billion at will.

All the presidents must bow their knees when they saw them!

Shaun, even holds a custom card and a director card at the same time?

Everyone’s gaze was locked tightly on Shaun, and there was a feeling of splitting liver and guts.

It made them tremble shudderingly!

And at this time, Wan Jinrong was crying, so scared that he couldn’t speak.

Isn’t this guy a trash son-in-law?

How could he have such a high-level card?

This is a nightmare for him!

Especially Xiangru Li!

The moment she saw that board of directors card, she had an urge to pass out.

This guy is the director of their Global Bank?

And she, not only beat his parents but also dare to insult him?

Xiangru Li only felt a bolt from the blue sky, slamming her on her body so hard that she went crazy.

It’s just shocking… but it still hasn’t stopped!

Under everyone’s horrified gaze, Shaun’s mouth was outlined with a cold smile:

“Isn’t it enough? Then look at this one!”


The last card is completely dark, with a blood-colored skull on it!


This card is qualified to know by Wan Jinrong only.

That’s why the moment he saw this card, he puffed and fell to the ground, his face completely lost of blood.

“Skull Emperor Card?”


It is their exclusive card for the chairman of Universal Group!

The man in front of him is the master of Universal Group!


Wan Jinrong at this time went crazy!

Did he beat the chairman’s mother-in-law and old father-in-law?

Come this way!

Universal Group is no longer his backer, but his enemy!

Can he compete with a world-renowned top chaebol?

This is simply a dream!

And seeing Wan Jinrong’s frightened face, Xiangru Li and others knew that the origin of this mysterious card was more terrifying than the previous two!

This made the ominous premonition in their hearts even stronger, trembling all over, looking at Wan Jinrong with extreme horror.

Even Lei Zhang couldn’t help being nervous at this moment, waiting for Wan Jinrong’s reply.


Xiangru Li’s face was full of deep anxiety and asked:

“President, what kind of card is this?”

At this time, Wan Jinrong was already in tears, his voice choked:

“This is the card that can kill us!”

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