Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1296

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Chapter 1296


The voice falls!

Xiangru Li, Lei Zhang, and others were completely shocked. Can a card kill them?

What kind of card is that good that it can kill people casually?

The customers were all in horror at this time, and they regretted that they had dared to insult Shaun. This is nothing short of death!

“Spare! Spare my life boss!”

Wan Jinrong suddenly cried and knelt down toward Shaun, apologize constantly, looking scared to death.

His face is full of tears!

Before he thought that Lei Zhang could kill Shaun with one finger, but now it seems that Shaun could kill all of them with one finger!

Confronting the super boss of the Universal Group, it is not China, and there is no place for him in every corner of the world!

The corners of Shaun’s mouth have a frightening arc:

“Too late!”

The opportunity has already been lost, it was Wan Jinrong and others who took the initiative to give up such a great opportunity!


Upon hearing this, Wan Jinrong was immediately paralyzed with fright, his eyes filled with a deep panic.

Seems to have anticipated what will happen to him, horrified!

But right now!

“Impossible! This is impossible!”

Xiangru Li roared hysterically:

“Zhang said clearly, this guy is the waste person of the Bai family, how could he be a big boss!”

“In my opinion, those cards must be fake! Or, he has stolen them!”

She didn’t believe that he would be so unlucky!

Then the person who happened to be insulted by her was the top boss of their Global Group!

Hearing these words!

Everyone changed their expressions, stolen cards? No way?

“Yes! This Shaun is not only trash but also a thief. He stole a necklace from the King of the Blood Prison before, and it is possible that he has stolen these cards!”

Lei Zhang also said with a gloomy expression.

And when he heard this, Wan Jinrong was also taken aback, and a deep shame appeared on his face.

Obviously, he also felt this possibility, even when he stared at Shaun ferociously:

“Dog bastard, I will check the authenticity of these cards now. If I find out that you are playing tricks on me, I promise you will die!”


He is going to check those cards!

At this time, Baishan and Paula trembled uncomfortably, because they also felt that Shaun was lying.

For the past three years, Shaun has been an ordinary person, how could he be related to that Universal Group?

Shaun smiled and shook his head, looking at Xiangru Li and Wan Jinrong’s eyes, as if looking at a dead person!

You can’t cry without seeing the coffin…


And just now!

The roar of the engine came continuously from the corner of the street.

One after another luxury cars came one after another!

One figure after another, get of the car Suddenly!

Someone is here again?

Everyone felt that their hearts were throbbing wildly, and they only felt that they will receive more shocks today than they had in this life combined.

It must be intense!

“Lin Zaidong, what are you doing?”

The moment he saw the other party, Wan Jinrong’s face suddenly sank, and he directly yelled.

Because the other party is his subordinate and the vice president of this branch!


Lin Zaidong didn’t even look at him. He led the high level of all branches and went straight to Shaun!

Then, standing still in front of Shaun, they all bowed together:

“Lin Zaidong, Vice President of Jiangshi Global Bank Sub-branch, sees BOSS!”

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