Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1299

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Chapter 1299


Lei Zhang got stunned, and the rich people there were also completely stunned.

The eyes that looked at Shaun were completely dull.

Especially Lei Zhang!

His face was full of horror, and he was completely confused.


This is impossible!

If that trash has such an identity, why should he be a son-in-law of a low family and suffer three years of humiliation?


Lei Zhang’s expression was completely gloomy, he didn’t believe that Shaun had such an ability.

All this must be because of Elvira!

“You idiots, you are all tricked by him, this guy is trash!”

“Without his wife, he is nothing!”

Lei Zhang was already mad. In his opinion, Lin Zaidong must have been trying to curry favor with Elvira, so he protected Shaun.

After all, Elvira nowadays is the Jiangnan Communist Party, even if it is a branch of Global Bank, has to give her three points.

And Shaun just said that the president of the branch should be demoted, which is even more of an idiot.

Not credible at all!

“Lin Zaidong, Shaun! I have written down today’s insult!”

Lei Zhang was furious, with a grinning smile on his face, as if looking at two dead men:

“It won’t be long before you will pay the price for today’s affairs!”

Their Zhang family is coming to Jiang City because they have heard that the mysterious Shan Lin was in Jiang City, and they were confident that they would be able to cooperate with Shan Lin.

By that time, Shaun and Lin Zaidong, even Elvira, will have to die!

“Wait! Soon, you will kneel down and beg me! Hahaha!”

Lei Zhang was extremely proud, gave them a bitter look, and then left Bank without looking back.

Upon seeing this, Lin Zaidong sneered contemptuously. Now that Lei Zhang doesn’t even know what the offense is, he is an idiot.

If the Zhang Family lets such an idiot be the head of the family, then I am afraid it is not far from destruction.

“BOSS, I will send you back!”

At that moment, Lin Zaidong stopped paying attention but said to Shaun respectfully.


Shaun waved his hand:

“Don’t worry, Lin Zaidong, since Wan Jinrong has been arrested, then this branch can’t be left alone…”

“From today, I want you to be the president. Do you have the confidence to do it?”


Upon hearing this, Lin Zaidong only felt like thunder, and there was a thick strangeness in his eyes, and he couldn’t believe it was true.

I will have the post of the president?

Moreover, the promotion is given by the boss to him…

As a result, he was directly branded with Shaun, and he will be Shaun’s man from now on!

This is simply a pie in the sky!


Right now, he knelt down towards Shaun excitedly, his face flashed completely:

“Thank you BOSS for showing your love. I will definitely live up to the BOSS’s high expectations and run this branch!”

On the way back.

Baishan and Paula still feel that they are dreaming.

Even facing Shaun today, they even felt a little uneasy and fearful.

At the moment, under Paula’s repeated urging, Baishan finally asked nervously:

“Shaun, why did they call you BOSS just now?”

“Are you really the big boss of Universal Group?”

Shaun smiled slightly:

“Dad, what kind of boss am I? They just give Elvira face, so I just acted!”


Paula and Baishan were stunned on the spot!

“In other words, the reason why the people at Global Bank were so polite to you that you were acting?”

Shaun shrugged:

“Isn’t this all to save you?”

Paula and Baishan finally reacted. It turned out that Shaun was the same Shaun as in the beginning.

But no matter what, at least because of Shaun, they were saved.

The feeling in their heart is extremely complicated.

Fortunate, but also lost!

But at this moment, Shaun’s cell phone suddenly rang.

On the other end, Kelly’s crying voice came:

“Brother Lin, I want to see you!”

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